Will Rain Affect Your Move?

Rain Will Happen

One of the most frequently asked queries we here at Van Express Moving & Storage receive is whether or not rain and wet weather is going to be a huge factor during a scheduled move.

We are reliable movers in NJ, and value how we always put our customers first. However, in certain situations, when the weather is out of control, it can, in fact, affect your move! The good news, is that a little rain isn’t going to stop us from being able to fulfill our promise to you. But, it may slow the process down slightly. We have a few tips for your next New Jersey move during the rain that can help everything run a bit more smoothly.

When it rains, everything is slippery, and this can spell disaster when moving goods from a home into a truck. So, how can you help? Have any old towels lying around? Put these at the entrance into your home to eliminate slick shoes. It also helps to keep from tracking rain, mud and other dirt throughout the rest of your home. Here are some additional hacks:

Tips for a Rainy Move

  1. Be sure that you keep your rain gear unpacked and take this with you!
  2. Consider wrapping items with plastic wrap if you are concerned about them getting wet from the house to the moving truck.
  3. Consider using plastic boxes to move with instead of cardboard if this is an option for you.
  4. Be sure you wear the proper footwear. Our movers will be wearing footwear that is safe, but even though you may not be physically moving items, sandals and the like when they are wet can lead to a slip and fall. Most professionals recommend tennis shoes or laced boots.

If you are ready to move, we are the professional moving service that is here to help you. We have years of experience and many great reviews from those that we have helped in the past. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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