Where to donate unwanted items after the Livingston move

Each relocation has a ton of work behind it. Just a few mandatory ones are to organize, pack safely, and schedule your long distance movers NJ. Now, one step is often neglected due to the hectic environment we are in. And it is the fact that you have some items to remove before you relocate. So, let us today cover where to donate unwanted items and help someone in need. Let us surprise someone with a proper donation.

Have you set aside the items you are donating?

Ok, before you contact your movers Livingston NJ and pack for the move, you must inspect all your belongings. This way you’ll know how many packing supplies you need and which items are ready to go. Therefore, start with your kitchen and bathroom and then move to the other rooms in your home. Declutter and downsize as much as possible and in no time, you’ll have a pile of items ready to be donated.

Set those items aside and pack everything else. Also, if you want to skip the whole packing process, you should think about the packing services NJ. It is an affordable tool to make your relocation much easier and less time-consuming.

You can donate unwanted items at the furniture bank
If you have old and unused furniture, the furniture bank is a good way to start.

Furniture Bank Association is a good place to start

Now when you have your unwanted items sorted out you can start browsing your options. And if you possess a few pieces of furniture to give away, you should start with the Furniture Bank. Find their hub locations online and figure out where is the nearest one. Simply drop by and leave your furniture with them and they will distribute it across the country.

Vietnam Veterans Donations

As the name says, it is an organization dedicated to helping Vietnam war veterans. They have an amazing array of services for all veterans in need. Starting with health care, food donations, finding jobs, housing, and more. So, you should consider and give them a call. They schedule pickups daily so you won’t spend any time on this. Let these amazing people pick the shipment and bring it to those in need.

Donate unwanted items at the Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization dedicated to building affordable housing for those in dire situations. Therefore, they are focused on furniture and construction materials. But they accept all kinds of donations so feel free to give them a call and figure out your options.

Goodwill Donations

This is something different but still a viable way to donate unwanted items. Goodwill Donations have many hubs and stores across the continent and they run this business for a very long time. They are linked to many charity and non-profit organizations and have a great network of associates. Essentially, they sell donated items for an extremely affordable price, and with the money gained they fund charity events and help people in need. If this sounds interesting, give them a call and organize a pickup.

A woman in a thrift store
Put your items up for a sale in a local thrift store. Money earned will go to a good cause.

Donate unwanted items to AMVETS

Another organization focused on helping all veterans in need. They opened countless thrift stores where they sell donated items. Money earned is redirected to the veteran families in need and in programs to help them recover. So, feel free to check them out online. They accept any donation no matter how insignificant it might look to you. Anything you can spare will do good to someone in need.

Ok, now you know a few places where you can donate unwanted items. There are many more and you can browse online for hours until you find the one you think is the best choice. Or you can simply organize a pre-move purge and once you are done, take everything to the local shelter or a charity organization. Pick the one closest to you and you are good to go. It will be fine, as long as you redirect it to charity and not throw it away.

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