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What is a Virtual Video Estimate?

Virtual video estimate (virtual moving estimate, virtual survey) is a modern and convenient method Van Express NJ uses to assess the size of relocation and present a client with a cost estimate. It allows our estimators to take a remote but detailed moving survey through a video meeting, respecting your time and privacy.

How Does Virtual Video Estimate Work?

You only need a smartphone or a tablet to make it work. Allow us to guide you through the rest of the process.

Step 1

Once you reach out to our representative, request a virtual video estimate. Van Express NJ estimator will schedule a video survey meeting at your convenience and confirm the survey date and time through our browser-based video tool, LiveSwitch Contact.

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Step 2

We’ll text you a unique video meeting link on the day of the virtual video estimate. No need to download anything! And once we connect, our estimator will kindly ask you to lead them through your home, showing them the belongings you wish to relocate.

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Step 3

Our representative will contact you shortly with a clear and precise cost estimate. If you find our moving quote acceptable, you can immediately book our movers. The entire process of virtual video estimate with Van Express is free, simple, and done within minutes!

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Benefits of Virtual Video Estimate



You choose the most suitable time for a video meeting. No need to take a day off or wait for an estimator. You can also record a video on your own time using LiveSwitch Contact and then forward it to us.


Precision and Privacy

The virtual estimate comes with a new level of accuracy, efficiency, and – privacy. It combines the precision of in-house estimates with the security and discretion of the remote meeting.



Compared to a traditional in-house survey, the time necessary to conduct an assessment with a virtual video estimate is considerably reduced, and the moving quote is provided faster.


Non-Obligatory and Free

Participating in our virtual video estimate and the app we use are 100% free of charge, and you are not obliged to accept the Van Express moving quote.


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Our team at Van Express NJ is continuously dedicated to making the whole moving process more efficient, straightforward, cost and time effective, and convenient for our clients.