Top tips for moving safely during Covid 19

It is time to move again and this time, you must be moving safely during Covid 19. A better question is – Is it possible at all? Not only that you must plan the whole moving logistics, pack safely, and search for movers NJ. But now you must think about the whole pandemic situation and figure out a way to reach the other side without any issues. Therefore, today we will provide a few tips on how to do it right.

Find movers you can trust

First of all, you must search for one of the moving companies Hackettstown NJ that can handle this task. Some companies shut their business down during the pandemic while others follow safety rules and regulations. And that is exactly what you need. A reliable moving company who knows how to handle a relocation during Covid 19. So, the best way to find them is to browse online.

Mover protected against Covid 19
Find movers who follow safety rules and regulations.

Compare prices, services, and surely read a few moving reviews. Confirm your long distance movers NJ are licensed with all the tools required for the job. More importantly, figure out if they have protocols in place and proper protection against the virus. In this situation, it is far more important to be moving safely during Covid 19 than cheaply. But we are sure you’ll find a match in a matter of minutes. Just begin your search on time.

Packing and moving safely during Covid 19

Packing is almost the same with only one difference. You must clean all your items inside out once you unpack. And you should use higher quality packing materials if your budget allows it. So, if you are thinking of moving safely during Covid 19, obtain the following packing supplies:

  • Cardboard moving boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Labels
  • Stretch foil

Pack regularly, but after you close your box and tape it down, add a label and wrap the entire box in stretch foil. That should keep the dirt, dust, and most importantly, the virus out. Also, consider utilizing packing and moving services NJ. Your movers can pack your entire home and relocate it safely. Of course, if you can trust your movers.

Sanitizer is your greatest weapon

This time around you must sanitize all your belongings. It is your choice if you will clean anything before packing. But once you arrive at your new place you must do it. Before you even start unpacking, you should sanitize the entire place. You can either do it yourself or hire a cleaning company to do it for you. And remember, this should be done at least a week before you move in so you can let the air out and get rid of the chemicals. Once you bring your cargo in, unpack gradually and clean each piece individually.

Sanitizers are important when moving safely during Covid 19
Obtain enough hand sanitizers and cleaning products to support your relocation.

Moving safely during Covid 19 with lucrative storage unit solutions

It goes without saying that you will use all the protective gear, sanitizers, gloves, and face masks. But how to protect your cargo. One way is to wrap each box in stretch foil, which you should do with the furniture as well. But if you have more than you can handle, maybe it is time to rent one of the storage units and keep the portion of your items there. It is a great way to make your relocation quicker, safer, cheaper, and more efficient. So, declutter, downsize, and set aside all those pieces you do not need straight away, or ever. Leave them in your unit for a while until the dust is settled.

Moving safely during Covid 19 is entirely possible as long as you follow all the rules, regulations, and safety measures. Ensure your movers do the same and the friends that are helping you. Do not worry, as long as you are all protected, it will be the same as any other relocation. Good luck be patient and stay safe.

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