Top 10 reasons to move to Bergen County

Situated in the northeastern corner of New Jersey, Bergen County combines the best of both worlds: suburban tranquility and easy access to urban excitement. If a new home is on your horizon, this diverse county should be on your radar for its high quality of life, strong job market, and abundant recreational opportunities. Furthermore, Bergen County’s proximity to New York City provides the thrill of the big city without the hustle and bustle. So, there are a lot of compelling reasons to move to Bergen County. All you need for a smooth relocation process is to find the best movers NJ relies on to help settle you into this promising region. Uncover why Bergen County may just be the perfect fit for your next life chapter.

A safe and family-friendly place to live

Bergen County sets the bar high when it comes to quality of life, especially in the safety department. Crime rates in this area are among the lowest in the state of New Jersey, offering peace of mind to its residents. But that’s not all. Bergen County, specifically Paramus, offers an array of family-friendly amenities. From popular shopping centers like Bergen Town Center to recreational spaces, Paramus provides diverse options for family outings. Van Saun County Park is one such locale, featuring a zoo, a carousel, and plenty of open spaces for picnics and playtime. With moving services NJ, relocating here can be a breeze.

a mover who knows all the reasons to move to Bergen County
Low crime rates and family attractions are the main reasons to move to Bergen County.

Schools here are yet another highlight. They consistently rank high in both state and national assessments, making the region a popular choice for families with school-age children. And if you’re planning to make the move, local movers NJ trusts are ready to help you settle into your new home without any hitches. All these factors combined solidify the high quality of life in Bergen County.

Proximity to NYC: the city is just a hop away

One undeniable perk of living in Bergen County is its close proximity to New York City. Just 22 miles separate you from the heart of Manhattan, making the area an ideal choice for those who work in the city but crave suburban tranquility. Specifically, in Ramsey, commuting options abound. The Ramsey Route 17 Station provides direct trains to Penn Station, and the journey takes less than an hour. Even the station itself is designed for commuter convenience, featuring a large parking lot and modern amenities. For those who prefer driving, the commute via I-95 is also quite straightforward. If Ramsey sounds like your ideal community, movers Ramsey NJ trusts are on hand to facilitate a speedy move. In sum, Bergen County’s proximity to New York City offers residents the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds, balancing city career opportunities with a quality suburban lifestyle.

suburban tranquility, one of the reasons to move to Bergen County
Proximity to NYC and the suburban vibe are compelling reasons to move to Bergen County.

Educational opportunities are one of the reasons to move to Bergen County

For families prioritizing education, Bergen County doesn’t disappoint. Particularly in Ridgewood, you’ll find a variety of educational options that stand out:

  • Benjamin Franklin Middle School
  • Ridgewood Public Schools
  • Ridgewood High

Public schools frequently rank among the top in state evaluations. These schools offer a wide range of advanced placement courses and extracurricular activities, enriching the educational experience. But the focus on education doesn’t stop at public schools. Ridgewood is home to several private schools and daycare centers that maintain equally high standards. From Benjamin Franklin Middle School to Ridgewood High, academic excellence is a common theme. Even beyond Ridgewood, other Bergen County towns like Hillsdale and Wyckoff offer reputable schools. If you’re considering a move for educational reasons, Ridgewood movers are well-equipped to help you make a seamless transition to this academic hotspot.

Fly high in Teterboro’s job market

When it comes to employment, Bergen County offers diverse opportunities. In Teterboro, the aviation industry is a key player. Teterboro Airport is not just a hub for private flights but also a substantial employer. It provides jobs for over 1,100 individuals in various capacities—from air traffic control to administrative roles. And the opportunities extend beyond the airport. Nearby, you’ll find aviation schools and aircraft maintenance companies, adding to the job pool. The concentration of aviation-related industries makes Teterboro an attractive destination for career growth in this field. In terms of salary, the aviation sector in Teterboro offers competitive pay, adding another layer of appeal for job seekers. If you’re eyeing a career move to this bustling aviation hub, movers Teterboro NJ relies on can help you settle in without a hitch.

a home in Bergen County
Once you settle in your new home, you can start searching for the right job for yourself – Bergen County will spoil you for choice.

Shopping and entertainment

Paramus is a shopping paradise in Bergen County, offering everything from designer boutiques to department stores. But shopping isn’t all Paramus offers. It’s one of the best places in New Jersey for fun-lovers of all ages:

  • The Garden State Plaza Mall is a must-visit, with over 300 stores and a plethora of dining options.
  • Don’t miss Paramus Park Mall’s mix of retail shops and the Fashion Center’s blend of high-end brands.
  • For tech-savvy shoppers, the Best Buy and B&H outlets provide a wide range of electronic goods.
  • Catch a movie at the AMC theatres or grab a bite at Shake Shack, conveniently located within the mall premises.
  • With bookstores like Barnes & Noble and fitness centers such as Equinox, Paramus offers a well-rounded experience.
  • For foodies, eateries range from gourmet restaurants to casual fast-food joints.

Plus, there are numerous entertainment options for kids, making it a family-friendly outing spot. When it’s time to bring your shopping haul home, Paramus NJ movers are just a click away to help with the heavy lifting

Outdoor activities rank high among the reasons to move to Bergen County

Nature lovers will find Bergen County to be a main spot in NJ for outdoor activities. Particularly in Wyckoff, the James A. McFaul Environmental Center offers a tranquil setting for nature walks, bird-watching, and educational programs for kids. Additionally, Oakland offers the Ramapo Mountain State Forest, ideal for hiking, fishing, and picnics. And let’s not forget the Saddle River County Park, featuring miles of scenic bike paths, fishing spots, and multiple playgrounds. Kayaking and canoeing are also popular water activities, thanks to the abundance of lakes and rivers. Beyond that, Bergen County boasts numerous golf courses, offering a different type of outdoor engagement. Plus, local farmers’ markets and seasonal fairs contribute to the community’s outdoor charm. So, if you’re looking to move all your hiking boots, fishing rods, and picnic baskets, Wyckoff NJ movers are here to transport your outdoor essentials effortlessly.

a lovely home in a suburban area
Enjoy the outdoors in the last fall months before the winter comes!

Public services: Ramsey has your back

Ramsey is a standout in Bergen County for its top-notch public services.  From libraries and public schools to healthcare and emergency services, it offers an excellent public infrastructure.

  • One of the key features is Ramsey’s public transportation system. Commuters have multiple options, including trains and buses that connect to Manhattan and other New Jersey locales.
  • Also noteworthy is the community’s focus on healthcare. With a range of medical centers and clinics, residents can be confident about finding quality medical services.
  • In addition to health, public safety is another priority. Ramsey’s police department is known for its community engagement and swift response times.
  • Local utilities are also reliable, providing consistent electricity and water supply.
  • And when it comes to education, Ramsey’s public schools rank among the top in the state. If you’re considering a move to take advantage of these public services, movers ramsey nj can help you relocate smoothly and efficiently.

Public services in Bergen County are both efficient and comprehensive. Need to move close to these fantastic services? Bergen County movers can get you there hassle-free.

Favourable real estate market is at the top of the reasons to move to Bergen County

Real estate in Bergen County offers a multitude of choices, and Hillsdale stands out for its diversity in housing options. Whether you’re looking for spacious single-family homes, townhouses, or even rental apartments, Hillsdale has it all. It’s also a great place for first-time homebuyers, with a range of affordable options. Additionally, the real estate market is known for its stability, making it a smart investment. Apart from residential properties, Hillsdale also offers commercial real estate, attracting small business owners and investors. The town has a mix of modern and traditional architectural styles, satisfying diverse aesthetic preferences. And let’s not forget about the peaceful neighborhoods, tree-lined streets, and well-kept gardens that add to the town’s charm. Should you choose to make Hillsdale your home, Hillsdale NJ movers can help you with every step of your move, ensuring you settle into your new house without any hitches.

moving boxes in front of a home
Favourable climate on the real estate market is another good reason to move to Bergen County.

Community events that make Bergen County more than just a place to live

Community events in Bergen County go beyond the ordinary, offering something for everyone. For example, Ridgewood celebrates Independence Day with a grand Fourth of July parade that has been a community tradition for years. Such events are a cornerstone of life in Bergen County, helping to foster a strong sense of community among residents. From cultural festivals to farmers’ markets, the area is bustling with activities year-round. If you’re thinking about moving here, movers Oakland NJ has available can help you set up your home so you can quickly dive into the community events.

  • Ridgewood Fourth of July Parade: A family-friendly celebration with floats and fireworks.
  • Wyckoff Day: A summer event featuring food, games, and live music.
  • Ramsey Farmers’ Market: Open from June to November, offering fresh local produce.
  • Hillsdale Craft Fair: A showcase of local artisans and their crafts.
  • Paramus Food Truck Festival: Featuring a wide variety of culinary options.
  • Oakland Carnival: Rides, games, and food for all ages.
  • Teterboro Air Show: Aviation displays and activities for aviation enthusiasts.
  • Paramus Music Concerts: Summer series of outdoor music events.
  • Wyckoff Family Movie Night: Free outdoor movies for the whole family.
  • Hillsdale Street Fair: Food, music, and vendors fill the downtown area.

In Bergen County, there’s always something happening, making it an exciting place to live. Whether you’re interested in history, love fresh produce, or want to engage in cultural festivities, Bergen County has a community event that’s perfect for you. The local gatherings not only entertain but also bring residents together, reinforcing the strong community ties that make this area so special. Moving here ensures you’re not just finding a place to live; you’re becoming part of a vibrant community.

a moving truck
Start your journey to Bergen County with our help!

Bergen County is planning for tomorrow

If you’re forward-thinking and interested in what the future holds, Bergen County is ahead of the curve. Municipal governments across the county are investing in infrastructure, technology, and sustainable solutions.

  • In Ramsey, for example, there are plans to expand public transportation options, adding convenience for daily commuters.
  • Hillsdale has initiated community-led sustainability programs aiming for a greener future, which is enough of a reason to move to Bergen County.
  • Plus, there are discussions about new commercial developments in Paramus, promising to add even more employment opportunities.

When considering a move, knowing that you’re investing in an area with a keen eye on the future adds another layer of appeal.  For your future-focused move, movers in Bergen County are ready to assist.

Listen to the reason and move to Bergen County

There are numerous compelling reasons to move to Bergen County. This part of New Jersey is not just another place to live; it offers a high quality of life, excellent educational systems, and abundant job opportunities. Not to mention, the area is rich in community events, and the convenience of being just a stone’s throw from New York City cannot be overstated. Strong public services round out the list, making it a comprehensive package for anyone considering relocation. If you’re enticed by what Bergen County has to offer, professional moving services like can make your transition easier. There’s so much waiting for you here; why not take the next step?

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