Tips for moving rugs and carpets from Caldwell

Packing for moving is exhausting and time-consuming. Not to mention that you must organize everything and find one of the best moving companies NJ to assist you. And some items are harder to pack than others. Fragile items require delicate handling while robust items several people to move around. But today we will cover one of those tricky items. Today we are moving rugs and carpets and explaining step by step how to do it right. Let’s go.

Prepare for moving

Before you can begin packing and moving rugs and carpets, you must create a moving checklist and find Caldwell movers for your relocation. So, inspect your entire home and note down all the furniture and belongings you possess. Then, figure out how many carpets you have and which sizes are in question. Once you evaluate the whole situation, you’ll know how many packing supplies are required to handle everything properly.

Find movers to help you moving rugs and carpets
Enlist professional movers to help you out with your moving cargo.

And remember, your local movers NJ can bring all the materials you need. If you purchase packing services your movers will pack, relocate, and unpack while using their own moving supplies. It is an affordable way of skipping the entire boring packing process. Think about it.

Moving rugs and carpets and the packing behind it

Now when you have your moving checklist and a moving company lined up, you can proceed with the next step. Preparing your rugs and carpets for the journey ahead. So, it is time to clean each piece you possess. Ok, you’ll clean your furniture and other miscellaneous items as well. But here we will focus on your rugs. Therefore, you can either do it yourself and after you are done, take them outside in the sun to dry out. Depends on the weather, it can take more than a day to finish this step. The other solution is to bundle them all up and take them to the cleaning service. You can even schedule a pickup and have all your carpets cleaned and already wrapped for moving. Calculate your budget and if this service is viable, do it for sure.

Be mindful of the fiber when moving rugs and carpets

Ok, this step is extremely important so pay attention. You must check the direction of your fibers on each carpet and rug. They can go in both directions, from down to up and vice versa. Therefore, you should run your fingers over the carpet and you will realize that one way is smooth while the other is harder to run over. Hence, fold and roll in the smooth direction sort of speak. If you do it right, you won’t damage your fibers and your carpets will remain unchanged.

Master bedroom design
Figure out which way fiber goes. Do not fold it in the wrong way and damage your rug.

Roll, tie and apply tape

This one is simple but you should always roll your carpets on the flat surface to avoid damages. Simply lay each one on the floor and roll them in the direction we explained earlier. Once it is nicely rolled, apply tape or tie it with a rope. You can use both solutions to be sure it won’t untie during the voyage. And you are all set.

Wrap it up and let’s get moving

If you are using moving services NJ, your movers will surely help you wrap your rugs and carpets the right way and tie them up. It is only 15 minutes of work so it won’t be a problem. Hence, if you are unsure of how to do it right, ask them nicely and they’ll help with this part. Of course, after all your carpets and nicely secured, they will load them into the moving truck and relocate them safely.

Now you know exactly how to handle this part of the move. Moving rugs and carpets are not so hard as you can see. And if you have reliable movers with you, it will be ten times easier. Good luck and stay safe.

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