Tips for moving an elderly parent

We would all like to remain young and beautiful. Nature has different ideas for our future so we can only do whatever we can in order to live to the fullest. That is why we have an obligation to treat our parents good in order for them to live good. After all, they have raised us and now it is our time to get some of that care back. When it comes to moving an elderly parent, besides hiring senior movers NJ, you have to think about much more in order to do everything right. Let’s get started!

Talk to your parents about the move

No matter how good and noble your intentions are, you have to consult your parents about the move. After all, it is their life. The problem with moving an elderly parent is that they can be very stubborn. You may need a set of conversations to have in order to convince them to move. The best option for you to do this is to get everyone that will get affected by this move in the same room. This way you can all discuss and see what are your options.

Be sure that they agree on this
Talk to your parents about this idea

Make arrangements on time

One of the biggest mistakes when relocating an elderly parent is that you do not finish everything that you need on time. The most important thing that you have to do is to rent or buy a real estate where your parent would be. If you do not do that in time, it can create a lot of additional problems afterward for your parents. You certainly do not want that kind of problem for your parents. The best bet is to find a real estate agent that will get you the best options for you. After that, you only have to make a decision with your parents and seal the deal.

That is very important for moving an elderly parent
Make necessary arrangements on time

Hire moving company on time

The essential of every move is the moving company. Especially if it is a long-distance move. That will require a lot of different logistics than a local move. The first thing is to find long distance movers NJ for your move. There is a big choice so you have to be extra careful since you are moving an elderly parent.

But how to find a reliable moving company? It is easier than you think and you do not even have to use that much energy to do that. Contact your friends and see whether they have someone to recommend. You just have to lift a hand and you can get a number of companies to consider. On the other hand, it is better to check for yourself and see whether the company is good. The best way to do that is to read moving company reviews. It is easy to do nowadays because you just have to go online. See whether the company you are interested in has a good reputation and choose according to it.

Declutter your parent’s home

Before you start packing your parent’s belongings, it is important to declutter. Problem with the elderly is that they have a tendency to collect more things than the average person. They probably do that due to a lot of memories they have. But when it comes to moving, it is always better to get rid of clutter than to try and move all of it. It can consume a lot of your energy, time and money of course. You probably know a lot of organizations or people that may need those things so it is always better to donate than to just throw away.

Lower down the size of the move
Declutter your parent’s current home

Ask for help from your family for moving an elderly parent

It is hard to organize your own move but imagine how hard is moving an elderly parent. You have your own life, your own obligations and you still have to be responsible and accomplish everything. The best thing you can do is to ask your family members for help. Timing is very important! After all, they all have their obligations and problems so you have to be considerate. Ask for their help several weeks before the actual move. This way they will have time to see whether it suits them and whether they can help you. If they can’t, you still have time to make other arrangements and ask other people for help.

Prepare new home for your parent

When moving an elderly parent you have to think about other things than just the moving process. As we said before, you have to make proper arrangements regarding a real estate for your parent. You have to be sure that it has everything that is necessary for an elderly:

  • Location- It is very important to choose a perfect location when relocating an elderly parent. The location should be in a friendly and busy neighborhood. That means that there will always be people that could help your parents if they need help if something happens. Do your research before the move.
  • Entryways- There is a chance that your parent is not capable of walking properly so they need a wheelchair. That is the reason why it is important for you to make a no stairs entry to the home so that they could get into the house easier.
  • Bathroom- You need to make modifications to the bathroom in order to make it usable for a person with movement problems. Elevated toilet and roll-in shower are good solutions to this problem.
  • Bedroom etc.


Moving an elderly parent is not easy. You have to balance between your own life and theirs and that is not easy. But everything can be done with just a little organization. That is exactly what you need in order to relocate your elderly parent. Start on time, make necessary arrangements and pick a perfect real estate in order to accomplish this. If you do all of these, you will have no troubles settling your parent in their new home!

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