The best NJ pumpkin patches to visit this year

Another year and another Halloween! Although, this time around you are relocating and you won’t have much time to invest in holiday preparations. So, we decided to help you out with a unique guide on how to manage everything without breaking a sweat. You will organize your move, find the best movers in Chatham NJ, and relocate successfully. Moreover, we will focus on the holiday ahead and lead you through a few famous NJ pumpkin patches where you can supply yourself with premium pumpkins and support your Halloween ideas. Let us begin!

Let’s get ready for moving before we visit famous NJ pumpkin patches

You will have a busy month ahead and you might want to speed up the moving process. The goal is to make your relocation more time-efficient overall more effective. So, to achieve this, first, you must inspect your belongings and create a moving checklist. Write down all the moving steps ahead and calculate your moving costs accordingly. Then, call your movers NJ, and book the date that suits you best. Communicate the details further and let your movers help you with the moving logistics.

For the packing process, you will need packing materials and you can find them at the nearest hardware store. You should obtain moving boxes, packing tape, blister packs, and labels. Cover your packing process gradually and prepare everything before the moving date. But if you are time-limited or simply can’t be bothered with the tiresome packing process, check the moving services NJ your movers offer. You will find packing services quite useful for your situation. In conclusion, as long as you stay organized and follow your moving checklist, you won’t forget anything and you’ll have a positive outcome.

Pumpkins ready for Halloween.
Alestede Farm has everything you need. Bring your family and enjoy!

Alstede Farms are among the exalted NJ pumpkin patches

Our first stop is at the Alstede Farms. Arguably the most famous one in the area. Here you’ll for sure find the pumpkin you were looking for. In addition, if you bring your family with you, you’ll have the time of your life as well. This place stands out because it has a pumpkin-themed amusement park of sorts. The hay pyramid, corn maze, bouncy house, and farm animals. Your kids will love it. Although, if you want to avoid the crowded weekend, you can visit any time during the week. And do not forget to try the pumpkin-flavored ice-cream. It is amazing.

The Fairfield Farms in all its glory!

Similar to Alstede, Fairfield Farms have an amazing array of farm animals to feed, pet, and ride. Along with all the hayrides, you can endure. Definitely, a place to bring your family to and have a blast. Oh yes, you will find your pumpkin here as well. You can’t miss it.

Check out the Ort Farms

Another one of the NJ pumpkin patches you shouldn’t miss. Although, while being a place to visit with your family, it is quite different than the previous two. Yes, you have all the hayrides, mazes, animals, and a theme park vibe going on. But because it is the largest farm in the county, you’ll have more peace and quiet to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Come and pick your perfect pumpkin right off the vine. And enjoy the hundred-year-old tradition this place proudly holds.

Two kids holding Halloween pumpkins.
Visit Ort Farms and find your perfect pumpkin. Bring Jack home to your kids!

The pumpkin Sea of Tranquility

Same as the Ort Farm, here you can pick your pumpkins off the vines, have fun on rides, and eat amazing treats. It is another vast space where you can have wild or quiet time. Whatever you prefer the most. Bring your family and find the pumpkin you deserve. All left to do is to learn how to make a Halloween pumpkin which you surely will if you visit this place. Stop by and have time to remember.

And now you know how to stay organized while moving and which NJ pumpkin patches to visit. Hopefully, you’ll find enough time to do it. If you do, we are sure you’ll find the pumpkin you were looking for. Happy Holidays!

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