Surprising moving day myths

Myths accompany almost anything and everything, from traveling to eating, walking, and taking a certain way. There are, of course, myths regarding moving, especially moving day. Myths can be pretty misleading if you take them seriously since most myths are just irrational thoughts passed from one individual to another. Myths are especially dangerous for those moving with the best movers in NJ for the first time since they can make you unreasonably anxious or stressed out. Whether you are moving for the first or the hundredth time, uncovering moving day myths can help you prepare for your relocation with much more ease!

The first myth- there is no specific way to use packing supplies

One of the first and most common myths is that all packing supplies are identical. If you are moving for the first time, you might not have an insight into various types of moving boxes. Moving boxes are much better than regular cardboard boxes. They can hold more weight and are less prone to potential damage. Three-layer boxes are also much better than regular cardboard boxes. When it comes to packing, many people think you should just put your belongings in a box and seal it. That is false. Many items need to be wrapped and specifically placed in a moving box. You cannot scatter books in a box since they might damage one another.

Anything made from glass will break if not prepped and packed correctly. If something is made out of fragile materials such as glass or porcelain, long distance movers in NJ suggest packing it by wrapping it with three layers of bubble wrap, securing it with wrapping tape, and placing it in the box. If you want to use packing peanuts, you should fill a third of the box only. Then, place your belongings, add two layers of packing peanuts, and put in some more belongings.

A moving worker using packing supplies
Not all items can be placed into moving boxes with little to no prepping.

DIY supplies are not as effective

While using DIY packing supplies is a nice way to save money, most are afraid to use them. A common moving day myth is that DIY supplies are not as effective as regular packing supplies. However, that is not true. If you run out of packing peanuts or bubble wrap, you can use improvised ones. You can wrap your belongings with newspapers, toilet paper, cooking foil, use old socks or pieces of newspaper as packing peanuts, etc.

Another great way to use DIY supplies is using them as boxes. If you have a makeup bag, a suitcase, old purses, backpacks, or even old laundry bins, you can use them for storing your belongings. Bags with zippers are more effective than regular boxes since there is no chance of them opening and contents spilling all over the moving truck. However, if you are moving for the first time, try using bought packing supplies for the majority of your belongings. You will feel much safer knowing you packed the most precious possessions with top-notch bought packing supplies!

Labeling boxes is a waste of time, and overfilling them is a smart choice

Many people think that labeling boxes is a waste of time. That is, until they need a specific item and cannot remember where they put it. Labeling boxes is a very important part of the moving process. Even more important is knowing how you pack your belongings. Many choose to separate and pack their inventory by room, meaning all bathroom belongings will go in a couple of boxes labeled with the same color. If you label your possessions before you move, your unpacking process will be much easier and faster. Another one of the common moving day myths regards overfilling boxes. Many tend to do it to have fewer boxes and therefore think they will have lower moving costs. However, most local movers in NJ charge by weight, which means the number of boxes is insignificant. Overfilling your boxes can be extremely dangerous for a few reasons:

  1. There is a higher chance of damage. If belongings are improperly put over one another, they can easily damage one another, which can cause a chain reaction.
  2. There is a higher chance of spilling. If there are too many furniture pieces, the box can roll over, spilling its contents and causing more damage than imagined. In some cases, the bottom of the box can fall apart as soon as you pick it up, which can also cause damage.
Colorful markers
One of the common moving day myths states that labeling boxes only wastes your time.

You must pack everything – another one of the moving day myths

Another common moving myth is packing absolutely everything you have. While this is partially true, you should always leave aside specific belongings. Some people call it a bag or box of essentials, which is a box containing the most important belongings. This box does not go into a moving truck but stays with you. It should have your wallet, charger, phones, documentation and IDs, medication, spare clothes and bedding, toothbrushes, a roll of toilet paper, wet wipes, snacks, pet food, etc.

Another thing you must not pack is your plants. If you are moving locally and have one or two smaller plants, you can put them in a box or smaller wooden crate with no lid. As you already know, living beings such as pets and plants must not be put in boxes. Depending on the pet, they should be relocated in their transporter, and if you have more complex pets such as frogs or fish, you should consult with a specialist.

Moving insurance covers anything and everything

One of the most common myths is very inaccurate and can be really harmful. Most people think that movers provide full-on moving insurance, meaning that all belongings are protected from the second movers take matters into their hands. Unfortunately, that is not true. Most commercial movers NJ provide you with partial moving insurance, meaning that your belongings are safe until they reach the desired destination. However, most companies will claim they are at fault only if the damage that happens is big. For example, if your mirror gets broken or your perfume breaks and spills everywhere.

However, if damages are minor, such as scratches, movers can claim that the scratches were there before the move. If you have enough money, the best option will be to get moving insurance from the insurance company. The insurance company will ask you to provide a list of belongings and possibly pictures. If anything seems out of ordinary, you will get reimbursed.

A calculator on top of dollar bills
Most people think that movers provide full-on moving insurance, which is not true in most cases.

Wake up as early as possible- another of moving day myths

One of the most common misconceptions is waking up early on the day of your move. Unless you have scheduled a moving appointment at 8 AM, there is no need to rush. Instead, it’s better to wake up refreshed, even if you will wake up unusually late. Waking up early will probably leave you cranky, tired, and annoyed, which will not help your situation at all. Instead, wake up sometime later, have breakfast and then proceed with the moving day.

Another one of common moving day myths is needing to dedicate the whole day to moving only to move successfully. The moving day is almost the same as a regular day. Therefore, if you have errands to run or take your dog for a walk, you should do so. Drink your coffee with enjoyment and spend quality time instead of waking up at 7 AM and sitting in the living room while waiting for your movers.

The moving day must be stressful

While moving is a stressful journey, moving day should be your least stressful day. Everything is already packed, labeled, and ready for relocation. Your address is already changed, records are transferred, and the only thing left to do is wait for the arrival of your movers. Many people assume the moving day is stressful since they expect bad things to happen. For example: dropping your belongings, movers being unable to load everything into a moving truck, getting bad packing services in NJ, forgetting some possessions, having trouble on the road, etc. Moreover, most people forget to eat and drink water throughout the day due to all the stress and anxiety. In all truth, those are some things you cannot predict and cannot prevent. Instead of worrying, try to calmly observe your possessions and enjoy the beginning of the new life chapter.

Another common misconception is needing to do everything at once. That can apply to the entire moving process but will most commonly culminate on a moving day. While it is nice that you want to do everything in advance, bending backward and over will not do you any good. Being relaxed, taking breaks in-between moving tasks, and admiring your accomplishments instead of running everywhere and doing everything is much better for your mental and physical health.

Two friends on their moving day
Most people suppose that moving during the weekends and holidays is a smart choice, which is a common myth.

The weekend or holidays is the perfect time to move

Another commonly present myth is the weekend and holidays are the perfect time to move. That is partially true since people moving will have more time to unpack and settle into their new homes. However, since many people think this way, most moving companies are overbooked and overworked during weekends and holidays. Therefore, movers work with a strict schedule, will be under more pressure, and will be less laid back when dealing with your belongings.

They will tend to finish the job as fast as possible, which means they probably will not be able to stay and help you out more by giving you precious advice, etc. Moving during the holidays and weekends also means you will pay much more, due to high demand. Lastly, since many people go home during weekends and holidays, planning and executing a long-distance move during this period is not the best choice. Instead, the best time to use moving services in NJ is during the working week, specifically Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A few people move during the week due to work or school, which is why your movers will have a looser schedule and be more laid back.

Tipping your movers is a must

While tipping your movers is a nice way of thanking them for their hard work, it is not obligatory. If you are unhappy with the services, you should not tip. This is even more true if the company was unprofessional or damaged some of your belongings. However, if you are satisfied with the moving services you received, you should tip your movers. If you are tight on cash, giving them some drinks or fancy chocolate can be considered a tip as well. Every instance of gratitude can be taken as tipping, especially if you are in a bad financial situation. As they say, it is the thought that counts!

Two people holding a dollar bill
If you are satisfied with the moving services you received, you should tip your movers if you are financially able to do so.

Surprising moving day myths

All in all, many moving day myths are mostly false. The most common include: needing to tip, thinking moving must be stressful, thinking you should wake up early, considering all the packing supplies the same, thinking labeling is a waste of time, thinking moving insurance covers everything, and thinking that everything needs to be packed on a moving day. Although these myths are not too harmful to experienced people, those moving for the first time might prolong their move if they believe in myths. If you want to relocate successfully, finding reliable movers, making a moving plan, and sticking to it are the most important tasks. And lastly, taking deep breaths, taking a break and making sure you rest in between tasks will ensure you do not lose all your energy when relocating.

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