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Relocations have many different parts. However, the part that takes most of your time is probably packing. So, in order to finish this task quickly and without complications, you should hire one of the best packing services NJ has to offer and contact our Van Express Movers! We promise to handle your personal or professional belongings with care. No matter if you are moving locally or long distance. Our skilled, polite and diligent packers will make sure to provide you premium, yet affordable services. Don’t make excuses for the delays, but let us help you execute a stress-free relocation.

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Save time and nerves with our packers by your side


Our agents know how intimidating packing all your belongings can be. There are very few people who enjoy packing up their household. That’s why we offer our professional packing services NJ trusts, so you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything. We give attention to every detail when we pack your items to ensure they reach their new destination in excellent condition. Never mind if you are moving locally across New Jersey or you are relocating an entire household somewhere far away. In both cases, our packers will do everything necessary to ensure the complete safety of all your possessions.


We offer a number of packing services, depending on the level of assistance you require. Our professional moving coordinators will discuss the needs you have and advise of each package. Based on your decision, we will be able to provide you with a quote to fit your expectations.


Don’t want to pack a single thing in your house? No problem, our trained packers will properly pack all your belongings by using specially designed boxes and materials that are crucial to a successful move. With this package, we will take care of every aspect of packing up your home. From bedrooms to bathrooms and the kitchen to the living room, every area of the house will be packed up and ready to go when moving day arrives.

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You should take care of the more important stuff while we handle your belongings

These kinds of full NJ packing services are especially convenient for senior relocations. Forget about worries when you or your elderly parents have to move and let us handle everything perfectly. Our packers are skilled and very fast. But, above all, they are polite and able to make the moving experience easy and elderly people comfortable.


This is the perfect choice for people who only need help with one or two rooms or have fragile and delicate items that they do not want to pack themselves. Certain areas such as the kitchen or the garage, are much more difficult and time-consuming to pack. We can customize this option for as much as you require, all the way up to a full service.

Our packers have undergone vigorous training, so they are capable of packing even the most complicated, bulkiest, and very sensitive items. Since we use only the best packing materials, you can rest assured your possessions will remain safe and sound throughout the move. That goes for your residential relocations, but for your commercial relocations as well. We will make sure your office furniture, equipment, machines, and documents, or just some of them, are completely secured until they arrive at your new address.


If you rather pack yourself, then we have a variety of moving kits for you to choose from, to assure that you have what you need, in order to get your furnishings to their new location in the same condition as they left you home. We also have great packing tips, but, if your busy schedule doesn’t leave you time to pack, don’t worry. Our professional packing services NJ can prepare your home for your move securing your items and protecting your valuables.


We also offer unpacking services, ones your belongings have reached your new home. Our team will help to place and unpack each box to make certain everything is put where you want it. By thoroughly labeling boxes while we pack them, we ensure to know exactly which item is where. And that makes the unpacking process so much easier and faster. The moment we unload your belongings, by reading the instructions on the boxes, we will know where you want the items to go. And when we are in the right room, everything goes fast and smoothly from there.

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Our packing services NJ are here to make your relocation process easier

However, the unpacking process requires the same diligence and caution in order to prevent damages. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that is something we do with half attention. No, we put our minds into what we do completely. And that is what sets us apart and makes a difference in the moving industry. That is why we have so many satisfied customers, who never miss the chance to recommend us if someone needs packing or relocation.


Before the packing process starts, there are things you need to take care of on your own. The more items you wish to relocate, the higher the price of the relocation will be. Therefore, you should decrease the amount of stuff you are moving to a new home or offices. We suggest using the method of three piles. Each will be full of stuff you wish to donate, sell and throw out to the trash. Not only that you will declutter your home and lower the cost of moving. But you also stand to earn some additional money through a yard sale, for example. Or do a good deed, which is always a good thing. Further on, when one of the best packing services NJ has to offer come to handle your belongings, everything will go much faster.


There is a no better decision to make than to schedule via phone our professional packing services NJ. We recommend calling a few days in advance of the move to give you the peace of mind that you need prior to relocation. Let or Van Express Movers handle your valuable possessions professionally and for a reasonable amount of money. Instead of worrying about packing, focus on last-minute tasks you may have overlooked. Reduce your level of stress by knowing you have us by your side.

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