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When moving your home or office, you want only the best possible Elizabeth movers to help you. Van Express Movers is a company that can provide you with some of the most reliable Union County movers around. We are dedicated to making sure your move comes to pass as smoothly as possible. Contact us today and see what we can offer to help make your relocation an easy one.

Jersey City.
Elizabeth lies across the Newark Bay from both Jersey City and Staten Island.

Let our Elizabeth movers assist you throughout your relocation

When you are moving with Van Express Movers, you do not only get a professional Elizabeth moving company on your side. Instead, you get to work with the people who are committed to you, your moving process, and your moving needs. For example, we are well aware that one of the raging fears every person who needs to move has is the fear of damaging their items, furniture, or property. Because of this, we do our best to protect all your items from any damage and handle them safely. This way, we can move anything from fine items, over your expensive IT equipment, to your heavy furniture pieces. Of course, we handle each and every one of them with the same level of attention and care.

We can say the same about every and each one of the moving services that we have to offer. But this care goes further than that. We value communication above all else, and we believe that only through good communication can your move to Elizabeth stress-free and without any problems.

Therefore, we try to keep the line of communication open between you and our drivers throughout the moving day. What’s more, you can contact us even when preparing for the move. Our staff will be there every day from 8 am to 7 pm, so feel free to give us a call. We also try to confirm all deliveries in advance so you will be ready and expecting them. We do it either through telephone or email – or both.

High-quality moving services from high-quality professionals

Even though the traits we mentioned above are the traits every moving company in Elizabeth should have, we try to go above and beyond in order to give you the best service possible. And since there are no two moves alike, we needed to find a way to cater to everyone’s needs. This is the reason why we can offer you such a great variety of moving services to pick from.

Experienced mover writing down information.
Rest at ease knowing you are in the hands of experienced professionals.

Of course, it should go without saying that all of these services are equally important to us. We do not focus more on one client or the other – we focus a great deal on every and each client. Similarly, there is no task too difficult for us to handle. If we offer a service to solve your problem, then we will tackle it with a can-do positive attitude and reliability. And when it comes to what we can do for you, our services include:

  • local moving services;
  • long-distance moving services;
  • interstate moving services;
  • commercial moving services
  • and senior moving services.

Local, long-distance, or interstate, the quality remains the same

When you are getting a moving company, you will want to find the one that knows the terrain like the back of their hand. Therefore, your movers Elizabeth should be able to plan the best routes through the city, how to evade the traffic and figure out how to safely get you to your destination. Sometimes, you might not be aware of all of this – even if you have been living in Elizabeth for a while. Therefore, using us as your local movers NJ is the safe bet.

But that’s not all. We can help you with all your long-distance moving needs as well. We will take care of your items no matter what distance we need to cross. Therefore, you can lean on us even for your moves out of state. We are the interstate movers that you can rely on and which you will love having in your team.

We can move your home and your office

It is already mentioned that there are different types of moves, and moving needs, too. Just like no two homes are alike, so you need to differentiate between moving a house or moving an office. Luckily, we do not make too much different – at least when the quality of our services is concerned.

An office our Elizabeth movers can relocate for you.
Moving an office is an entirely different process from moving a house.

With our commercial moving services, all your office items will be safe and sound. You can rest assured that your office furniture will be kept just as well as the most sensitive IT equipment. There is a lot of logistics to tackle during an office move, so you can let us take this huge chore off your hands. While we deal with transportation, you can set up your new office to succeed after moving it to Elizabeth.

Senior moving is a service we are proud to offer

Finally, we wouldn’t be the most reliable movers Elizabeth has to offer if we also didn’t offer specialized moving services. For example, you can count on us to be your senior movers. The elders require special care when they are relocating, and we are more than willing to help them in any way we can. We have other specialized services too, which include:

You can contact our movers in Elizabeth today

All of this and more makes us, Van Express Movers, the finest choice. Our Elizabeth movers will make sure that your relocation is seamless and quick. So do not hesitate and get your free moving estimate today.

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