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Looking to relocate to Berkeley Heights, Union County, or from it? If you want to make the whole endeavor a lot easier, all you need to do is get in touch with one of the best Union County movers around – Van Express Movers! Our extremely experienced Berkeley Heights movers will help you create a moving process you will be able to enjoy! We can offer almost any moving service, and our prices are quite affordable. Get in touch with us, request a free estimate, and you will be well on your way towards a fantastic relocation process!

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Opt for an enjoyable relocation – Choose Van Express Movers!

Relocate easily with one of the most recommended Berkeley Heights movers – Van Express Movers!

We are one of the Berkeley Heights moving companies that always put the customer in the #1 spot. That means that everything we do has your complete satisfaction in mind. This is the main reason why Van Express Movers NJ is one of the most recommended movers in the area. However, that is not the only reason. We are blessed with a truly wonderful team of professionals, who are always giving it their all to create amazing relocation experiences for our customers. It is also our policy to equip our moving teams with the latest industry equipment, further enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness. When you hire us as your movers, you can expect:

Experience, responsiveness, commitment

Our moving team is comprised of quality people, people that project a work ethic and philosophy befitting of service leaders. We are proud to say that our team includes some of the best movers Berkeley Heights has to offer! They make everything easier, from acquiring a free estimate to creating a full logistics plan for your relocation. Our delivery crews are expedient, our office staff organized. We also equip all of our drivers with cellular phones, making sure that the lines of communication are open throughout the process. Our office staff is available for your inquiries seven days a week, from 8 AM to 7 PM.

It is our policy to fully commit to handling your belongings safely, regardless of the type of item in question. That said, we are specialized in transporting delicate items such as computers and fine furniture, as well as relocating sturdy resale furniture of any type. When you hire Van Express as your mover of choice, you can expect all your items to receive the best possible care. Furthermore, we are insured, bonded, and licensed, so you don’t need to worry about a thing!

We offer a wide variety of moving services

Our Berkeley Heights movers can help you relocate easily, regardless of the relocation type. The list of moving services NJ that we can provide is quite exhaustive. Here is what you can expect:

But that is just a fraction of what we can do for you. If you have any specific moving requests, feel free to contact us directly. Our team is apt at solving any moving conundrums in creative ways. As a full-service moving company, we have the resources to deal with any relocation type.

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Senior moving is but one of our specialties.

Make your relocation smooth with our packing services

And if you want to make your move significantly easier, all you need to do is opt for our professional packing services. We are one of the moving companies in Berkeley Heights that offer various options, such as partial packing, last-minute packing, as well as full packing services. Of course, we can also provide you with any packing materials you will require, as part of our services or separate. All of which are of the highest quality. With us doing the packing for you, you will have extra time and energy to invest in other matters. And your belongings are going to have maximum protection, as well.

Our Berkeley Heights movers will find the best storage unit for your purposes

Whether you are relocating locally or over long distances, having a storage unit available is going to enhance your moving experience. Our movers in Berkeley Heights will work with you to select the best unit for your move, ensuring that you pay exactly how much you need to. Not a cent more. Van Express Movers are, first and foremost, committed to customer satisfaction. You will be able to downsize with ease, renovate/remodel your new home before moving in, or simply delay your trip. All the while, your belongings are going to be safe and sound in one of our clean storage units. We have a variety of locations for you to choose from, as well as a range of storage solutions. Get in touch with us to find out more!

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We have plenty of storage units for you to choose from.

Learn more about Berkeley Heights

The township of Berkeley Heights is located within Union County, NJ, featuring a strong median household income (around $183,000), great art and culture scene, as well as amazing educational opportunities. BH is also one of the area’s economic centers, which means that job opportunities are aplenty. Furthermore, the climate is quite mild, with September and August being the most comfortable months.

But there are some disadvantages to this township, as well. The cost of living is quite high for a place with 13,000 people, and the median home price is quite high (about $678,000). Also, while the job market is in a good shape, there are some concerns about its longevity. The job growth projections are not very optimistic. However, for the time being, this is one of the best places to live in NJ. You might want to relocate in short order and take advantage of everything it has to offer immediately.

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And if you want to relocate in a smooth, enjoyable, fashion, all you need to do is hire one of the top Berkeley Heights movers for the occasion. Van Express Movers NJ will help you create a relocation experience that you will enjoy all the way. Contact us today and we will help you create a relocation to remember!

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