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Moving is never an easy task. Fortunately, hiring movers Totowa NJ relies on, those who perform this task on a daily basis will make your relocation much easier. So if you need professional help for a quick and easy move, you are in the right place. Van Express Moving NJ is a reliable and trustworthy moving company. We have a selected team with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to perform all the tasks of moving to or from Totowa, NJ. We know all the areas that belong to this borough perfectly, thanks to the rich experience we have gained in this place over the years. Call us today, and let the preparations for your relocation begin!

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Van Express Movers are the type of movers Totowa NJ residents wholeheartedly recommend!

Why is hiring Van Express Moving NJ your safest choice?

First of all, the experience of over 10 years speaks for itself. Since the establishment of our company, our movers have worked hard to obtain and improve the necessary skills to make your relocation impeccable. Hence, we can now handle your belongings with utmost care and deliver them safely and undamaged to your new destination. There’s no obstacle for our Totowa NJ movers since we are ready to deal with any problem that may arise. Moreover, we have invested in our equipment and supplies so that you’ll feel total satisfaction with what we have to offer. Customer reviews speak for themselves when it comes to our dedication, integrity, transparency, and knowledge. Therefore, it is the right time to get your free estimate and book your move.

Our company and its personnel are always at your disposal

Van Express Moving NJ hires only the best staff able to respond to your requirements. Their professionalism and organization are at the highest level. Having cooperated with our prompt, practical, and skilled personnel, you will feel all the benefits of a meticulous relocation. Ours is one of the best moving companies Totowa NJ has, and we have made sure our drivers have cellular phones so we can reach them throughout the day. Our staff is available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.

You are safe with us during the move

As we had hundreds of clients when it comes to moving services, we learned a lot from them. Indeed, among our clients was a large number of families and individuals who found happiness by moving to Totowa. Our Totowa NJ movers will be more than happy to make this transition as easy as possible. Whether you are moving from NJ or any other big place, count on our experience. Our skilled workers know just how to find parking and appropriate access to your home, even on narrow streets. Furthermore, we know just how to keep your belongings safe and sound throughout the move.

What are the benefits of working with one of the best moving companies Totowa NJ has?

Hiring reliable movers in Totowa NJ has never been easier! We can relocate your household or your office, especially if you’re looking for a reliable Passaic County moving company. We understand that more and more people, due to the need to advance in the business sense, decide to move or expand their business here. What matters is that your relocation with us by your side will require much less time than you would need when relocating on your own. Not to mention fewer obligations and less stress. Finally, one word will describe what you gain by choosing us, and that word is excellence.

Movers Totowa NJ is proud of are completely committed to your needs and time

Remember one thing about us – by contacting our company, you will be dealing with a licensed and insured company specializing in delivering all sorts of items. Our team will take special care of your fine and sturdy resale furniture. In case you need your antiques, fragile, or valuable items transported, we will approach this endeavor with the utmost care and dedication.

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Our experts know how to handle your items. We will offer what you need.

Also, we are to confirm the deliveries by phone or email in advance. Furthermore, our company is famous for offering call ahead service free of charge. We do respect your time and money. Hence, organize your day and don’t waste time.

How will our cooperation begin?

Don’t worry about any problematic aspects of moving – your relocation is in the right hands. We deal with the challenges of moving easily and quickly, practically on the go. All it takes to get started is to call us. As soon as we find out the basic information about the details of your move, we will arrange a free assessment with you. After agreeing on the appropriate date, expect the arrival of our experts at the agreed address. After a free move assessment, we will assess whether a moving truck or van is more suitable for your move. In accordance with all your needs, priorities, and deadlines that you want us to meet, we make an adequate relocation plan and include all the necessary factors.

Get the best price for high-quality moving services

Totowa NJ moving companies offer a variety of services that are specially designed to satisfy all your needs. All you are left with is to decide what services are most suitable according to your needs and possibilities.

Movers Totowa NJ relies on will keep up with the demands of the market

When moving short distances, opt for our local moving services and be certain narrow stairs, elevators, or bulky furniture create no problem for us. On the other hand, when moving long distances, our team is well-informed about different states’ rules and regulations and makes your move pleasant and affordable. If you are one of those who come to Totowa for business reasons, our commercial movers are here to offer you professional help. We have the capacity to move both a small office or bigger business premises. We can even move entire companies, factory plants, halls, silos, construction and agricultural machinery, or oversized cargo. Also, if you are moving to Totowa to be closer to your family, to get away from the crowds of the capital, or for any other reason, count on the help of one of the best movers in Totowa NJ — us.

Your items will be in safe hands

In case you are eager to pack your belongings on your own, we are here to offer the best packing supplies, such as moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape, among other things. On the contrary, in case you are willing to avoid the tiresome procedure of packing your stuff, feel free to choose between full-service or partial packing services. Our trained professionals will pack your items taking care of the slightest detail. The main goal is to have you satisfied.


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Movers Totowa NJ has offer a variety of packing services that will surely fit your needs.

Totowa is a place with a heart

The Borough of Totowa began its development in 1750 and was incorporated in 1898. Today, it has an area of approximately 4 square miles with a population of approximately 10,800 people. Many young professionals come here, along with people with young children. The town is governed by a Mayor and 6 Council members. In relation to other places in NJ, Totowa stands out for its developed economy and industry. Precisely this fact results in companies opening their representative offices and production plants in this part of NJ.

As for the costs that you may expect after the relocation, you should know the overall costs are about 30% higher than the national average. Furthermore, the housing costs are approximately 70% higher than the average. Expect the median home value of $494,700.

a hand of someone holding keys to a home
Find the most appropriate home in Totowa since the prices of homes are quite high.

When it comes to accessibility, such as schools, kindergartens, health facilities, shopping opportunities, and comfortable everyday life, know that Totowa has everything you need. In addition, this is a place of culture, sports, art, bridges, youth, and a strong economic and technological momentum. You will have the opportunity to enjoy numerous cultural events and manifestations that are held in Totowa throughout the year. If the benefits of life offered by Totowa seem tempting to you, do not delay the next step too much and hire one of the premier moving companies in Totowa NJ to handle the move for you!

Reach success with one of the best movers in Totowa NJ

Altogether, movers Totowa NJ has available are your best choice if you want a safe, affordable, and professional relocation. We are ready to cope with any challenges that may appear along the way. Using modern equipment and relying on experienced staff, you can be certain your relocation will be handled perfectly. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t accept anything less than that. By checking our customer reviews, you’ll soon notice that you’ve made the right decision by calling Van Express Moving NJ. Get in touch with us, and let us show you our rich experience in all moving matters.

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