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Looking to relocate to or from the lovely borough of Haledon and are looking for the best movers for the job? You may want to choose one of the best Haledon movers out there, Van Express Movers NJ! We are a company with years of experience in Haledon relocations, with quality employees that embody the work ethic and industry-leading company philosophy. When you hire us to take care of your move, you can expect a high level of integrity, organization, and the utmost professionalism. Our team will help you create a relocation that you will remember in the years to come! All that at quite affordable prices, as well. Request a free quote today to get started!

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Our team is there to help you create a relocation just the way you want it!

Why choose our Haledon movers?

At Van Express Moving, we always put the customer in front of everything else. We are fully committed to customer satisfaction and everything we do is to ensure that we attain it. Our team is polite, courteous, prompt, as well as efficient, and professional. If you are looking for a Passaic County moving company that you can entrust your entire relocation to, you have found it! Furthermore, we are one of the moving companies Haledon has that have extensive experience in this very area, with countless relocations under our proverbial belt. Our team always knows how to find the best route, the most convenient parking spots. With our movers by your side, you can expect a smooth and reliable moving process. Here are a few more things that you can expect from Van Express:


We ensure that the lines of communication between our drivers and the logistics team are open at all times. This ensures that you get the most recent updates throughout the day. Our office staff is available to assist you seven days a week, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. You can count on one of the top movers in Haledon to promptly respond to any situation and come up with the best solutions on the fly!


The most important thing in the relocation process is the safety of our client’s belongings. That is why we commit to handling every item as safely as possible. We will provide your belongings with the best possible care. We specialize in the relocation and delivery of almost any item, from delicate electronics and fine furniture to large, bulky resale furniture. And, of course, Van Express Moving, being one of the best moving companies Haledon has to offer, is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Once we “take charge” of your belongings, their safety is all but assured!

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Our movers are committed to excellence!


All of our relocations are highly dependable, as we always confirm all our deliveries by email and by telephone, in advance.

Call ahead service

At Van Express Moving NJ, we fully understand that our customers’ time is extremely valuable. That is why our Haledon movers always provide a “call ahead” service, which affords them to optimize the moving day. You will not need to spend hours waiting on the delivery of your belongings, as we will call ahead before our moving truck arrives.

Our team will provide you with a personalized relocation process

Every relocation can be considered unique. In our extensive experience, the best way to ensure a smooth moving process is to create a “personalized” one. Our movers in Haledon will work with you to figure out the specifics of your situation, as well as your needs and wishes. We will then plan the optimal route and the services that you may need, to provide you with the best moving experience possible. 

Consider packing services for an easier relocation

If you want to make your move a lot easier, you can always allow us to pack your belongings for you. Our professional packing services utilize top-quality packing materials. And you can expect your entire household or office to be ready to go in the shortest amount of time when working with one of the best moving companies in Haledon. We equip our moving crews with the latest industry equipment, ensuring a swift and secure packing process. These services will save you a lot of time and energy which you can then invest into more important matters. We provide full, partial, as well as last-minute packing services.

Our storage services will provide you with unmatched flexibility

If you are planning a long distance relocation, downsizing, or simply want to have more flexibility for your relocation, our storage services can enable all of that. We have numerous storage units in a variety of sizes, so finding the perfect unit for your purposes will be easy. Our storage units are quite affordable and we can include them in our free estimate so you can plan your relocation budget accordingly. Of course, our Haledon moving professionals will work with you to find the best unit for your needs, ensuring that you don’t need to pay a dime more than what is absolutely necessary.

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We will find the perfect unit for your purposes.

But you can count on us providing almost any service you might want

Van Express Moving NJ is a full-service moving company. That means that we can provide you with almost any moving services you might need to make your relocation easier. Here’s a small list of what you can expect:

But that is not everything that we can do. We specialize in creating moving solutions that are tailored to our client’s specific situations. That means that we can usually provide you with anything your relocation might require. All you need to do is but ask!

Enjoy Haledon

The borough of Haledon is a quiet neighborhood in Passaic County, away from traffic jams. However, it is very well-connected and you will be near the center of everything. It is home to around 8,300 people, who enjoy an individual median income of about $33,700. The home prices are also not that high, the median value is somewhere around $270,000. Other benefits of life in Haledon include a low crime rate, great educational opportunities, and a somewhat lower cost of living than in NJ. Overall, it is one of the best small places to live in New Jersey.

Get in touch with our Haledon movers for an amazing relocation experience!

And if you want to start your new life full of energy and vigor, you need a great relocation process. If you hire one of the best Haledon movers for your move, you will all but assure it! Van Express Movers NJ stands ready to provide you with a relocation that will put a smile on your face! Contact us today and we will help you plan, organize, and execute your move without any issues!


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