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What does it take to have a successful relocation? Is it a good plan, having the right people by your side, or choosing a good location? Van Express Movers NJ will, just like always, provide the best advice for you and your upcoming move. Aside from advice, we can also provide you with some of the best Ocean County movers out there! With our recognizable quality of moving services, you will be able to enjoy your move to the fullest. We do much more than simply transport your items, and now is the perfect time to get to know us! Contact us today and get ready for an enjoyable, stress-free, moving experience!

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Having our Ocean County movers by your side will result in a successful relocation and zero stress!

The more moving services the more moving satisfaction!

Since your relocation is a pretty big deal for us, we would like to go through all the details possible. As part of a licensed moving company, our Ocean County movers offer a huge variety of moving services. The main reason we did that is to make sure you are enjoying every single second of it. Each one of them is directed to a certain part of every relocation to make you spend less and arrive faster at your new destination. Moving services you can count on include:

It is no secret that when you work with some of the best movers Ocean County has to offer, you can count on your questions to be answered before and during your move. It is our job and duty to make you feel good and to trust us with your entire inventory. 

The importance of hiring one of the top Ocean County movers for local relocations!

Not only is the local move the least complicated one, but it is also among the most requested ones. If you wish to move just down the street or a couple of blocks away, local movers will be there to help you do it with ease. But, don’t let the distance fool you for one second. Less than 100 miles still means that you must prepare and take your entire inventory down the road. The risks are staying the same and you may need our assistance before you know it. With us, your local relocation will be over in just a couple of hours. If you decide to do it on your own there is a chance that it will last much longer, possibly the entire day.

This is why it is so important that you let us know about your inventory and both locations. To avoid your relocation lasting longer than expected, don’t forget to provide an inventory list. The total distance of your move may be short but the number of your inventory stays the same. By letting us deal with it, you will get a chance to prepare your new home and start unpacking the same day!

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Our local movers will make all short-distance relocations pleasant and fast!

We offer a perfect balance between good services and affordable prices!

If you take some time to take a look at our reviews you will see that the majority of our clients praise our affordable prices. Your relocation will not cost you a fortune but will fit your pocket perfectly! Your budget is extremely important to us so with us you can get a free moving estimate. All you need to do is enter the destination you would like to go to and a preferable date. We will get back to you with everything you should know about the final price. Factors we use for forming the final price include:

  • The total distance between place A and place B
  • Type of your relocation
  • Inventory and the total weight

As one of the best moving companies Ocean County has on offer, we’re all about combining affordability and quality. We are not the cheapest movers out there, nor do we aspire to be. Our mission is (and always will be) to provide you with a deal that is too good to pass on.

Welcome to Ocean County, New Jersey!

This wonderful county in New Jersey has 33 municipalities in total and it spreads over the 2,371 km² area. According to the 2020 statistics, this county is home to more than 602,018 people. No matter if you are leaving or moving to this place it is good to know what makes it one of the most suitable places in the state for living. For those who decide to move to Ocean County, you surely wish to know more about its living costs. We will compare it with the USA’s average living cost and mark it at 100.

  • Health 97.7
  • Groceries 105.2
  • Transportation 98.5
  • Housing 132.5
  • Utilities 106.5

Neighborhoods and communities

Ocean County has a couple of places that are perfect for raising a family or starting retirement. Others, however, are more suitable for younger people looking for more adventure! If you are looking for a place to move to with your family, you should check out Jackson and Pine Beach. Both of them have wonderful schools and a very low crime rate. Here your kids will have a pleasant and safe childhood and a chance to spend time with other children their age. Those who are looking for a more urban lifestyle will find it at Point Pleasant Beach or Lavallette.

A little bit more about your favorite moving company!

Since Van Express Movers NJ was established, we never stopped taking care of residents who decided to move. Our team is made of professionals who are trained and capable of dealing with all kinds of moving obstacles. Ocean County movers will not let you do all the hard work yourself, but instead, focus on your inventory and safety from the start. Every single moving review regarding us is there to confirm why we are one of the best moving companies Ocean County has to offer!

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Get in touch with us and let your relocation finally begin!

Get in touch with us!

If you chose the perfect place to move to or expand your business, there is only one thing left to do. Give us a call today and your Ocean County movers will take it from there. Let us find the most suitable date for your relocation and guide you with good and professional advice. Just like you would expect, Van Express Movers NJ will be with you from the start!


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