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Most of the time, relocations can leave us in a dilemma of what exactly we should do. Is it better to do everything yourself or is hiring NJ movers the best option? Before it is too late, you should know that most relocations should be carried out by professionals for various reasons. And that is exactly where Van Express Moving steps in! To avoid all troubles that could happen due to lack of experience and not to spend a fortune on your relocation, our Wharton movers are the best option for you. With high-quality moving equipment and trained movers, there are no obstacles that will prevent us from moving you to your new home or office. Contact us today and allow us to show you that Wharton relocations can be smooth, efficient, and affordable!

Wharton movers writing down the inventory and loading the truck
Your relocation should be successful and our Wharton movers are the right people for the job!

Welcome to Wharton!

Located in Morris County, this beautiful borough is home to almost 6,458 people. Hidden from all the big city noise, but with plenty of urban lifestyles, it is one of the hidden gems of New Jersey! If you never had a chance to visit it before, you will surely be surprised by its breathtaking landscapes. In recent years. Wharton has become more popular among people who are looking for a once and cozy place to settle down. It attracts both younger generations and elderly residents and we have decided to help all of them move in or out of Wharton with ease! And while many believe that relocations to smaller areas are much easier, there are still many reasons you would need our help!

Our moving services will cover every aspect of your relocation!

When we say that our movers in Wharton have it all, we really mean it! No matter what kind of relocation are you having, or if you are moving on your own or with family, we will make it fast and effective! That is why it is very important that you know what kind of services you can expect from one of the best movers Morris County NJ has to offer. We proudly present you the following moving services:

  • Local moving services
  • Long-distance moving services
  • Commercial moving services
  • Interstate moving services
  • Senior moving services
  • Packing services
  • Moving kits
  • Storage
  • Hotel furniture installation

And while you probably had a chance to come across some of these, knowing more is always good. And since you need to make a decision on time, let’s go through all the details!

Our Wharton movers will move you anywhere within the area!

Most of the time, local moving is anywhere below 100 miles and we will gladly do it. As one of the top local movers NJ has, we will arrive precisely on time and we will begin loading our vehicles. The best thing about local moving is that you will be in your new home faster than you thought! You will also gain plenty of time to prepare your new home for your arrival!

We can also move you long-distance!

And for everything above 100 miles, you can count on our long distance movers NJ knows and loves! Since this relocation is a little bit more complicated it is best you give us a call on time! Together, we will make sure everything is ready for the moving-out day and that your entire inventory is in good hands!

We have a solution for your business, as well!

Commercial relocation is much different than residential one and carrying it out on your own is way too much risk! After you provide all the details to commercial movers NJ recommends, we will help you relocate your business efficiently! Keep in mind that shutting down your company during relocation is never a good idea, not even for a short time. Our job is to make sure your clients are still getting all the services even during the move!

Our movers in Wharton are the best option when moving to another state!

You must have a really good plan for an interstate relocation. To achieve that, some of the best interstate movers NJ has to offer will be at your service! And by the time our Wharton movers arrive, you can focus on other tasks around your household. After all, you are going to another state and there will be some things you must work on. Most of the time it is paperwork you will need for crossing the border and settling in. Luckily, we will provide time for doing all of that!

packing materials in the box
We can help you with packing, or you can use our packing materials and do it yourself!

We can also provide you with senior moving services

For everyone who plans to celebrate their retirement by moving somewhere else, or simply to downsize, let some of the best senior movers NJ offers know about it! You need to enjoy this process from the very start, and all the hard work should be on us! Let’s not forget that some parts of relocation can be dangerous and it is always better to leave it to Wharton movers who have way more experience!

Don’t be anxious about packing – One of the best Wharton moving companies got you covered!

It is safe to say that our packing services NJ are some of the most popular among our clients! Since the packing process can be extremely time-wasting and difficult, leave it to professionals! We will use only the best packing materials and make sure everything is safe during transportation!

But if you are already a packing professional, you might be best served with our moving kits!

Some of you may be really good at packing so our movers in Wharton have a surprise for you! We can provide you with some of the best moving kits NJ has to offer, so feel free to request them! Always keep in mind that having good packing materials around is extremely important for all kinds of relocations!

Your entire inventory will be safe in our storage!

If you end up with some excess items, or you simply want to set them aside for some time, the best thing to do is utilize some of the finest storage units NJ has. Every single one of your items will be safe and monitored for as long as you want! And thanks to our flexible policy you can come and pick everything up in the shortest time possible!

If you are currently living in some busier areas in Morris County, storage will be even more essential for you. It takes time to get used to change and set everything up so make sure you do it like a real professional!

As one of the top moving companies in Wharton, we go even further!

After all these years of being in this business, we decided to expand our service list to some other areas as well. As a result, we will gladly offer you our hotel furniture installation NJ services! As you need to present your hotel to customers in the best way possible, let us deal with your furniture! You will save huge amounts of time and be ready before all deadlines!

It may seem complicated to calculate a final price for your relocation with this many moving services. Luckily, our movers in Wharton offer a free moving estimate as well so make sure you request it on time!

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Give us a call today and enjoy your moving experience!

Give us a call today and we will be on our way!

All you need to do for a wonderful moving experience is to get in touch with us as soon as possible! Our Wharton movers will ask you for a couple of details and provide a couple of dates that could suit you! Once we make a deal you can relax and focus on some minor tasks around your household! When you have Van Express Moving at your side, an enjoyable relocation is all but guaranteed!

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