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Are you looking for reliable Perth Amboy movers who can help you regarding your relocation? Our company, Van Express Movers, offers a team of professionals who will provide you with different kinds of services. They can help you avoid problems and unexpected situations, move your items with the utmost care, and handle everything else you need them to. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you to make your transition easier. 

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Call us to get Perth Amboy movers who will assist you throughout the entire relocation.

Why should you entrust your relocation to Perth Amboy movers?

  • Van Express Movers are New Jersey’s most recommended movers.
  • We hire reliable, trustworthy people who embody our company qualities. Our moving services NJ based are of high-quality and our teams are pleasant and prompt. They will take care of your items as they belong to them. They will pack them carefully and pay attention to every detail. Your belongings are safe with us!
  • Our drivers use cellphones and communicate with our staff effectively. You can reach us during the whole week, including the weekends, from 8 am to 17 pm! We’re here for you whenever you need us because we care for our customers. Leaving your items undamaged and our customers satisfied is our main objective.
  • Finally, Perth Amboy movers are committed to quality and consistency. Consequently, the same goes for our movers, services, and communication with clients. 

We offer you many options to choose from

As far as your options go, we have always provided our clients with what they need. Their requests helped us make a list of services that are always required. You can hire our movers and get:

Moving kits are available for all our clients

Our movers know how hard packing is and how long it takes. That’s why we try to make it easy by providing moving kits with all of the supplies that you will need. Your items are valuable, and we treat it as such by providing high-quality moving services and packing materials.

Some cardboard boxes Perth Amboy movers will relocate.
To have a smooth move where you’re sure that your items will be safe and sound, get a high-quality moving kit!

Of course, having the right packing supplies can make or break a move. To have a smooth move where you’re sure that your items will be safe and sound, get the moving kits from us. We offer starter moving boxes kits that have 16 quality moving boxes of different sizes, packing paper, box tape, and a marker. 1-2 moving boxes kit includes 24 boxes. If you’re unsure which moving kit you need, call us. We will send someone to inspect the number of items and determine which ones you need. They’ll be heading your way in no time! 

Packing represents no problem to our movers in Perth Amboy

Packing is part of the moving process which takes the most time. That’s why people like to delegate it to Perth Amboy movers. We will pack your items so they don’t get damaged during the transport at all. Your belongings will arrive safely at the new location without a scratch thanks to the meticulous packing skills of our trained workers. We will disassemble your furniture and pack all of the parts separately. However, if there’s anything that’s moving but can’t be disassembled, we will secure it. 

We use high-quality materials that allow us to manipulate big, bulky objects without damaging the floor and surroundings. That’s why we’re great at moving bulky wardrobes, pool tables, and pianos. We offer a number of different packing services depending on your personal needs. Call us to discuss what packing services you need – we’re more than happy to answer all of your questions and find the best solution for you!

A man sealing a cardboard box.
We will take care of your items like they are our own and we will pack them with great care.

Local or long-distance, the quality remains the same

Our movers are available to you anytime you need them! If you’re looking for  professionals will move your items locally or long-distance without any inconveniences, you’ve found them. Movers in Perth Amboy have performed numerous relocations of any distances and know where things can go wrong. As a result, with us, they never do. Of course, moving can be exhausting and stressful – but it doesn’t have to be. Our team will do its best to adjust to your schedule and obligations, and perform the move just the way you want – no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our only goal. With us, you’ll avoid all complications that frequently occur in moving processes. The experience and professionalism of our movers is a guarantee that your items will reach the desired destination in a perfect state. 

Moving your business was never easier than with our movers from Perth Amboy

Business owners in Perth Amboy have high standards and we tend to meet them. No matter if you’re moving a small office or a whole building – we’re prepared. Firstly, our movers will make a list of all of your items and pack room by room. Furthermore, they will color code and label the boxes and treat all of the electronic appliances with the utmost care. Your fax machines will reach the ground floor whole and unscathed. Moreover, our movers will place your documents and other paper-based items in plastic bags.

A woman checking her inventory inventory.
We approach commercial moving seriously and can write an inventory of all your items.

That will prevent all the moisture from reaching them. We pack and transport all items, no matter how bulky or fragile they are. We know that your business depends on how seamless the commercial move is performed. That’s why we take our preparation seriously. Equally important, we take our time to have many conversations with you. That way, we know exactly what you want and how tight your schedule is. Our staff can tackle any challenge! 

Get a free quote right away

If you’re unsure what kind of services you need,  give us a call. We will tell you more about our packing and moving processes, and assess your situation. Then, you’ll see why we’re the right company to handle your move. Van Express Moving offers a free quote which is a convenient and commitment-free way of getting acquainted with our reasonable prices. Furthermore, Perth Amboy movers offer a wide variety of high-quality moving services that are available to you day and night. A perfect, stress-free move is just a call away. 

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