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If you are planning a relocation to Paramus, you might want to enlist the assistance of moving specialists. And that is exactly what Van Express Movers NJ are. We know New Jersey like the back of our hand, know all the “secret” routes and how to avoid traffic jams, as well as how to create an amazing relocation process for our customers. We are premier Paramus movers in everything but the price. Our prices are affordable, in total contrast with the quality of our services. That is because we believe that our customers deserve only the best, and not to break the bank by hiring them. Contact us today and allow us to provide you with a relocation to remember.

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With us by your side, you will be able to set your mind away from the relocation. We will handle everything.

Why choose Van Express Movers NJ as your Paramus movers?

You may be wondering what exactly makes us say we are ideal candidates for your relocation. Well, if we were to name a few critical points, it would be our experience, responsiveness, commitment, and dependability. We take extreme pride in our work as Bergen County movers and we always strive to be even better. It is our belief that customer satisfaction always comes first, that it is absolutely necessary for any relocation project. We understand that even if we do everything “by the book” if you are not satisfied it is simply not good enough. That is why we constantly learn and refine our services, even though we are already one of the leading companies in New Jersey. But you deserve the best and for that reason, we are constantly striving for perfection. But let’s take a look at what we bring to the proverbial table.

We have extensive relocation experience

During our long years of service, we have built a team of quality individuals. Our staff has a strong worth ethic which matches perfectly with the company’s customer-centric philosophy. You will be hard-pressed to find another local moving company in NJ that has such a talented and responsible team. That goes both for our delivery crews and our office staff. The former are expedient, always on time, and feature a high level of integrity. Our office staff, on the other hand, is extremely professional and brings great organizational skills to our company. We work like a well-oiled machine, all to bring you the best possible relocation experience!

Our Paramus movers respond to every situation in a blink of an eye

We equip every single of our drivers with reliable cellular phones, so both you and we can get in touch with them at every moment throughout the day. We understand that traffic or other accidents can cause delays, and we always ensure that our communication is not impeded. Our office staff is available all seven days of the week, starting from 8 am, to 7 pm. During those hours, you can contact us to request your free estimate, to seek advice about your relocation, or anything else moving-related. Our representatives will be happy to hear from you. They will help you with your questions and concerns and set your mind at ease.

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Our office staff is there for you, 7/7 days of the week!

We are committed to providing exemplary service

We fully understand that every one of your items is valuable. That is why we commit to providing you with safe handling of every single item, from glassware to furniture. Our specialization goes to cover all items, ranging from computers and electronic parts to resale and fine furniture. Regardless of the item in question, you can be sure that we will give it the care that it deserves. We fully commit to providing your items with the best possible care. Furthermore, there is an additional layer of protection, as we are fully bonded, licensed, and insured. No matter what, we are going to make sure to make your relocation experience as smooth as possible.

Our Paramus movers are dependable and reliable

All of our deliveries are communicated clearly and well in advance. We will both send you an email and give you a phone call to ensure that you know when we will be arriving. Our crews do everything in their power to make it on time, but we understand the need for communication. You will always be up-to-date on when our movers will arrive, so you can plan ahead.

Our Call-Ahead service will help you optimize your day

Furthermore, we provide a “call ahead” service to all of our clients, completely free of charge. It will provide you with the ability to optimize your daily tasks so you are not waiting on delivery a second longer than necessary. And that is what we are all about, saving you time and money with our affordable and punctual services.

Our moving services

We have plenty of moving services, for any type of relocation. Here are some of them that we provide to our customers:

But that is definitely not the full extent of our capabilities, as we can provide many more moving-related options. It is always best to get in touch with us directly, tell us what you require, and we will find a perfect solution. Our knowledge and experience enable us to find a way to help our customers, as well as to find creative solutions to relocation problems.

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We will create an enjoyable moving process for you!

Experience a stress-free relocation process – Contact us today

We are there to help you relocate in a smooth, reliable, stress-free fashion. Our Paramus movers will go “beyond the call of duty” to provide you with an enjoyable experience, one to remember in the years to come. Because that is what Van Express Movers NJ stands for. Contact us today, request a free estimate, and we will start planning your ideal move immediately.

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