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Are you looking to relocate your household or business offices soon? Is the final destination across the state? If you answered with “yes” to both of these questions, it means that you need professional moving help. You are in luck because you are looking at one of the best interstate moving companies NJ has to offer – Van Express Movers! We are here to provide you with all kinds of moving-related services you might need when relocating. Contact us as soon as possible, and we will help you make this project a successful and enjoyable adventure.

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Count on our NJ cross country movers to get you safely wherever you need to go


Relocations are not easy to handle. There are a lot of things to do from the day you decide to move, until the day you unpack your belongings at a new address. That is why this isn’t something you can do without proper preparation. However, even though you have moved locally before, it doesn’t mean you are prepared for an interstate move. Why? Because it requires more than just picking up everything you own and drop it at a new address.

We are a group of people who:

  • knows how to quickly and safely pack and transport your belongings,
  • knows different states’ rules and regulations,
  • has enough experience to handle every unpredictable situation.

And those are the main reasons to contact our Van Express moving professionals. We will plan and organize everything on your behalf from the day you decide to move. Or provide you with partial services, to the extent you want us to help. We have many years of experience in relocating different types and sizes of homes and business. So nothing can surprise our cross country movers NJ. You will get information about what you can and can’t move across states. And our agents will personally help you plan, organize and execute any activity concerning the move.

Also, you can rely on our company to provide you with secure and climate-controlled storage solutions. Our agents will help you decide on the type and size of the storage unit, so you could make a good decision. That way, you will know your possessions are safe even away from your home. Whether you decide to store them for a short or longer period of time.


The situation becomes even more challenging. If you are moving your business, you must look among the best interstate moving companies NJ is offering to find the right for your needs. Luckily for you, we have everything you need. Our NJ cross country movers are experts in all kinds of relocations, including the ones concerning businesses. You can trust our agents to make all necessary preparations in order for your business to move without complications. There will be no delays and your budget will not have to suffer additionally due to poor organization.

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No matter what business you own, we will relocate it timely and on your budget

Whether you are relocating a photo studio, law offices, day-care business, dental office, bakery, hair salon, or anything else, we will take great care of it. Our movers are very skilled in handling heavy and bulky items. So your equipment and office furniture will be safe in our hands. You can rely on our staff to move even your business documents and trust that nothing will be missing in the end. We are equipped with the best tools, packing materials and moving trucks, so every item will get to the new address undamaged.


Among the many services we offer, we are especially proud of this one. We are happy to say that we offer premium senior moving. Unless you have some previous experience with elderly people moving, you probably don’t know how challenging this task could be. Older people are prone to distrusting people with their belongings. Unfortunately, they have good reasons for that, since there have been many scams concerning this topic. However, if you or your parents belong to this demographic, you can trust that you will be safe with us.

We are one of the most reliable interstate moving companies NJ trusts completely in, according to our numerous satisfied clients. You can rest assured that you or your parents will get only the best services. Whether you decide to go with partial or full services, you will not make a mistake. Our cross country movers NJ are polite and considerate people before anything else. They will answer all the questions you might have and they will try to do their best to comply with all your wishes concerning the move. We have patience, understanding, and compassion towards anyone who needs special attention and help. That is why we are great at what we do. Interstate relocation doesn’t have to be a nightmare and stressful event to elderly people, we can make sure of that.


Never mind if you are relocating your household, business or elderly parents, they all have something in common. All these relocations involve numerous things that need to be transferred from one place to another. And not only that. They need to be transferred from one state to the other. Changing states often includes moving across long distances. So, in order for your belongings to remain safe throughout the move, you need to pack them perfectly for the road.

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Trust our packers to handle your belongings with care

Therefore, you need someone to handle your possessions like they are their own. Our NJ professional packing services are here to ensure that every item you own comes to the final destination without a scratch. That is why our packers use only the best packing materials and supplies. We train our staff to be fast, yet very careful while they pack your household or business. For loading and unloading, disassembling and reassembling the furniture, we use proper tools and equipment. And because we are diligent in labeling, we can unpack your belongings very fast. So you don’t have to waste your valuable time.


As you can see, we are perfectly capable of fulfilling all your relocation-related needs. One of the best interstate moving companies NJ is at your disposal for all your questions and dilemmas. Contact our Van Express Movers via e-mail or dial +188 8897 8816 and get your free moving estimate. You will see for yourself how reliable, yet affordable we are


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