Safety tips for moving bulky furniture from Morris County to Short Hills

Moving from Morris County to Short Hills entails detailed planning for an intrastate move. Relocation is exhausting in itself, but add heavy furniture to the list and you’ve got a painstaking endeavor. One of the options you have is to consider the professional packing services NJ has made available. Besides that, there are some additional safety tips for moving bulky furniture within New Jersey that you might want to know about. And that is exactly what we are going to cover in this article.

Make your local move effortless with a few safety tips for moving bulky furniture

Planning an intrastate relocation can be a source of excitement and anticipation, but also the cause of many mishaps and hardships. However, you can always count on Van Express NJ to make the process easier, of course. And to ensure that you avoid the many stresses that come with moving heavy items carefully, consider these key guidelines.

First, let’s compare and contrast

Considering your local move begins in Morris County and ends in Short Hills, you may require assistance from either movers Short Hills NJ or movers Morris County NJ. Before starting the moving process, it is important to weigh your current location against the desired one. Short Hills is a charming posh place offering exquisite shopping and dining opportunities. The quaint community is located within the township of Millburn, in Essex County, New Jersey. Being only 17 miles away from New York City, its vicinity to the big city attracts commuters, while its safe surroundings draw many families. Morris County is a county located in New Jersey, 31 miles west of New York City. The area is rich with cultural buildings and historic landmarks and maintains an abundance of parks.

movers preparing boxes for moving bulky furniture
Expert movers can help haul large items with special care for your local move.

Next, consider your options for cautiously moving oversized items

To have a better understanding of your options, review the steps you can take to safely haul large items before embarking on your intrastate move:

  • disassemble heavy objects,
  • purchase proper moving supplies,
  • try out different lifting techniques,
  • and other safety tips for moving bulky furniture.

To lessen the potential risks, take time to dismantle the heavy belongings into parts, which take up less room and make it easier to store them in the vehicle. To ensure the security of your things and to avoid getting injured, buy a furniture dolly. Before putting furniture pieces into boxes, use moving paper pads, bubble wrap, and tape to cover them carefully. Be mindful of your body and practice different lifting methods. When bending, use your knees instead of your waist to relieve your spine. Whenever you can, use your hands to push and slide heavy items.

People covering a chair with bubble wrap
Cover your possessions with protective packaging material for extra protection.

Finally, get help from a moving company if you feel overwhelmed

These safety tips for moving bulky furniture are only helpful to a degree. Organizing a local move is a tiresome process, but activities as physically draining as moving heavy belongings can prove too much of a challenge. If storing heavy furniture singlehandedly is more than you can handle, don’t hold off hiring local movers NJ.


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