Prohibited items – the items NJ movers won’t move

Relocation is a complicated process. There are many tasks that need to be finished in order to relocate your household or your business to a new address. Apart from finding the actual new place for living or doing business, the activity that takes up the most time is packing. This is by far one of the most time and energy-consuming tasks that you need to successfully finish before the moving day. However, there are some items NJ movers won’t move because they are prohibited for different reasons. It is smart to know which ones they are before you or your packing services start packing. That way you can decide whether to get rid of them or to figure out how to move them on your own. And that is why you will find this article very useful, so make sure to continue reading.

How will you know which items NJ movers won’t move?

Firstly, you are reading this article, so that is a good starting point. However, if you are hiring a professional moving company to relocate your household or professional possessions, you don’t have to wonder. Every respectful and reliable NJ moving company will give you the list of the items NJ movers won’t move for some reason. Sometimes the reason is quite obvious, and other times it is not so much.

items NJ movers won’t move - bullets
Your movers will definitely not move dangerous stuff like weapons

For example, you can probably expect that the moving company will not transfer any hazardous materials or weapons. They don’t want to put in danger themselves, their workers and innocent bystanders in the end. And that is something everyone will understand. However, there are things that you would never guess and they belong on the list of the items NJ movers won’t move. Sometimes you don’t know they can be dangerous. But sometimes they are just too valuable, so movers don’t want to risk damaging or losing them. Either way, prepare yourself properly in order to avoid surprises on moving day and find the solution for the transfer of all your belongings.

The list of prohibited items for moving

If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should take a look of the list of items NJ movers won’t move we have prepared for you. Due to safety reasons or to ensure themselves of possible lawsuits, movers will avoid moving these stuff. Basically, there are four large groups we can divide things into:

  • hazardous materials,
  • sentimental and valuable items,
  • perishables,
  • living beings.

Therefore, if you possess some these items, make sure to find a suitable alternative when moving. Since any respectable local or long distance movers will not pack and move them for sure. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to get rid of items in the matter. But it does mean that you will either have to find a way to transport them yourself or to hire specialized moving services for such items.

What are the hazardous materials movers won’t move?

This is maybe the easiest thing to guess. Anything that can cause harm and damages to either moving staff or their property is considered hazardous. But that is not all. Everything that can also do harm to the other items in a moving truck or to the environment can also be found dangerous and hazardous. Therefore, before you hire NJ moving services to handle your belongings, know that they won’t move: weapons, ammunition, fireworks, fire extinguishers, gasoline, aerosol cans, propane tanks, motor oil, welding gas, cleaning products, open alcohol containers… and other flammable and hazardous materials.

bottles with fluid
Forget about flammable fluids in your moving truck

What do we mean by sentimental and valuable items?

The items NJ movers won’t move, even though they are not dangerous in any way, are the ones that are irreplaceable. Actually, this is also in your best interest. Yes, movers wish to limit their liability should anything unpredictable happens. But you wish your most precious possessions safe at all time, too. Right? So you really shouldn’t leave such valuable things unattended. We are talking about: a personal or classified business and financial documents, medical records, cash and credit/debit cards, family photo albums, expensive jewelry and electronic devices, keys… And all other valuable items that you can’t afford to lose.

items NJ movers won’t move - amethyst ring
The moving company will not be responsible for your valuable items

Perishables your movers won’t move

Depending on the distance, you can maybe transport some perishable food. If you are moving across the town, you can probably relocate some of the unopened food you have left in your home. However, for long-distance moves, this is highly unadvisable. Your movers will definitely not pack and move the food from your fridge or freezer, just like they won’t move the fresh food. Don’t expect them to move open containers of non-perishable food either. They don’t want to risk these items going bad in their moving trucks and for a good reason. Nobody will tolerate the bad smell, especially if you are moving across the country.

items NJ movers won’t move - milk
Your food should not be in the moving truck

All living beings should be with you at all times

No matter if you were planning to move your plants or pets, you can forget about that when it comes to movers. These are not considered really items, but the movers will definitely not place any living being in their moving truck. Aside from the fact that they may not survive the transport, there are more complications that can occur.

two rabbits and flowers
Take your most precious things with you at all times

Crossing states can bring some rules and regulations that come with moving plants and animals. Some countries will not allow certain species to come in. And even if your plants and pets are not forbidden, they may carry some parasites that can cause serious problems to either your belongings or moving company’s property. And not to mention the rules and regulations of different countries that would be broken in that case. Anyway, the safest thing to do is to bring your beloved plants and animals with you. You will know exactly how to take care of them for sure.

So, now you know which items NJ movers won’t move, so make sure to find some other solutions!

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