Popular moving scams to avoid when moving

Scams are a very common occurrence everywhere and in almost every business. Unfortunately, moving business is not different. You must be careful when hiring Union County movers for your relocation. You should always choose a moving company that has a proper license and a good reputation. However, moving scams happen more often than you think. For this reason, you should know how someone can scam you during relocation, so you can protect yourself. Here are a few common moving scams to avoid when moving.

What are the most common moving scams to avoid when moving?

Unfortunately, not all moving companies are good and reliable as long distance movers NJ. There are companies that will only take your money without completing your move or stealing some of your items. Also, charging extra at the end of the move without previous agreement can be considered a moving scam. You must be very careful when hiring a moving company to complete your relocation. Luckily, these kinds of moving companies are a rare sight. However, you should know what the most common moving scams are and how to spot sketchy moving companies.

Pay attention when hiring a moving company

The best way to protect yourself from moving scams in NJ is to be aware of them. You should never hire the first moving company that you find without consulting at least two more. Also, you should always read the reviews and experiences from previous customers. If a certain moving company does the something from the following, you should definitely avoid it:

  • Moving estimate via phone
  • Changing name often
  • Requesting a deposit
  • Not having a proper license
  • Not offering insurance
  • Offering a blank contract
  • Extra fees
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The list of moving scams to avoid when moving is often long

A moving company can’t do a moving estimate via phone

Moving estimate is an important factor when choosing a moving company to hire. A good moving company such as movers NJ will do an on-site estimate. If a moving company offers you to make an estimate via phone without coming to your home, you should take that as a red flag. Also, if a moving company offers you a very low price that sounds too good to be true, it probably means it’s fake. Additional fees that you didn’t know about will be added to the end bill.

The moving company must have a proper license

Every interstate moving company must have a USDOT number issued by FMCSA. Local movers don’t have to be licensed by FMCSA but by the state they are working in. So, if the moving company can’t be found on the FMCSA site, it’s probably a scam company. Also, every moving company must have some sort of moving insurance.

person investigating what moving scams to avoid when moving
A moving company without a license will scam you

You should never sign a blank contract without reading it first

One of the most popular moving scams to avoid when moving is to offer you a sketchy moving contract. People often don’t read it completely and sign it blindly. The worst case is if you sign a blank contract. Luckily, you are smart enough to know that you should never do that in any case.


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