Partner With Us Get Extra Money

Who Can Partner?

Whether you are a top selling real estate agent, a local blogger with a voice, or a marketing whiz with time to spare, we are seeking qualified partners! Van Express Moving & Storage is a fast-growing company, but we’re looking for the right partnerships to help us grow even faster.

Why Partner?

Well, we would like to think that you want to partner with us because we are a fun edgy company shaking up the moving industry, but we know that’s not likely the case. So, for all of you partners that are more concerned with greenbacks than giving back: Van Express will pay you for every qualified call you refer. How much? Well, that depends on a whole bunch of variables and how big your influence is.

How It Works?

It could not be simpler. We give you a special number that is yours to share. Anyone that calls Van Express via your number is automatically credited to you.

Application Process

Still interested, we would love to hear from you! Fill out the form below with all the basic info about you or your company and we will be in touch soon.

It’s our way of including you in our family!


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