Packing your wine for moving

Nobody likes packing. Even the best of us sometimes pack just to get it over with. However, when packing your wine for moving, being extra careful is not only suggested. It is a must. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert sommelier and know everything about wine to know how to pack it successfully. It’s simple, our expert team at Van Express Moving is here to help you to pack even the most expensive of these liqueurs.

A bottle of champagne on a boat.
After successfully packing your wine for moving, you can treat yourself to a glass of it.

There are a couple of steps to take before packing your wine for moving

The first step before you start packing yourself or finding the best packing services in New Jersey is checking your wine. You shouldn’t pack expired wine or opened bottles. You can check to see if the wine is expired by looking at how clear the liquid seems. If it’s cloudy, then it is probably not good anymore. Get rid of broken or damaged bottles on top of expired wine.

After that, you will want to see your entire inventory. That way, you can plan your moving budget and know how many packing materials you need. If you are unsure of how to pack and transport your wine correctly, make sure you consult with expert long distance movers NJ boasts of. We recommend getting specialized boxes for transporting wine made of wood. That will ensure your wine stays fresh during the move.

How to pack white wine and how to pack your sparkling wine for moving

Once you’ve gathered all the materials, it’s time to start carefully wrapping. This is when you should be extra attentive because no matter how great the moving services NJ has are, nothing will help your wine if it’s improperly packed. Line all your boxes on the bottom with soft materials. Next, you should wrap each of your bottles individually. You can use any soft material you have on hand. Before you start packing your wine, make sure you put dividers in between bottles, too, so that nothing moves during transport.

Wine poured into a glass after a move thanks to your informing yourself on the topic of packing your wine for moving.
Different types of wines are packed differently.

When packing red or white wine, what you want to do is pack them on their sides. If the boxes are too small to pack your wines this way, you can place them upside down. However, be very careful when doing so. When it comes to sparkling wine and Champagne, you can pack them upright. Make sure everything is placed inside safely and that all bottlenecks are secured with extra packing materials.

Add extra material, close, and label

After you’ve placed all your wine in the crates, make sure you add extra soft material on top of your bottles as a safety precaution when packing your wine for moving. It is an extra step that may literally make or break your entire relocation. Check if the lids are tightly closed to avoid spillage. All that is left is to create labels letting the movers know that fragile items are in the box. And that’s it. You’re done with the last step. You are ready to pack your wine like a pro. We are sure you can handle this task efficiently and will be sipping your wine in no time!

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