Packing musical instruments for a long-distance move

Another relocation is on the horizon and you are most certainly ready for it. But if this is your first move ever, you might want to catch a few tips and tricks about it. Moving is hard in general and without a proper organization and packing, it can be a nightmare. More so if you possess valuable and delicate pieces like antiques, family heirlooms, IT equipment, or musical instruments. Today, we will cover one of those topics. This is a small guide for packing musical instruments. Let’s do it right!

Have you found an appropriate moving team?

The whole process begins with a search for a moving company. It is extremely important who will handle your precious instruments. One small mistake can cost you a fortune and emotional damage can be irreparable. Therefore, invest a bit and find a team you can trust. You should check your movers NJ and their specialized moving teams. Affordable prices, expertise, experience, and all the tools required will wait for you. All you need to do is ask.

Person playing a piano before packing musical instruments
Your piano will be a tough one to relocate. Make sure that keys are properly covered and protected.

Also, make sure you inspect your movers to be sure that they conduct legit and licensed business. Search for moving companies in reliable websites such as verifiedmovers.com and read reviews to obtain some knowledge on how professionals handle such types of moves. You’ll find previous customer experience and recommendations very useful.

Packing musical instruments like a pro!

Now, the best solution when it comes to packing musical instruments is to utilize packing services NJ based. Packing such delicate and expensive pieces can be tricky. There are many steps you must cover. And if you fail at one of those steps you can damage your precious items beyond repair. But if you want to do it yourself, the first step would be to remove detachable pieces. Secure all those pieces that can be removed and disassembled. If you are moving a piano, secure your keys with a strap and make sure the lid is closed adequately.

Then, wrap the whole instruments in sheets, blankets, or in a blister pack. This is a procedure for all similar instruments like organs, drums, keyboards, etc. And when it comes to smaller ones like a guitar, violin, flute, just use the original manufacturer’s box and you are good to go. Hopefully, you still have one. But in the end, we strongly recommend using movers Chatham NJ residents are proud of for your moving endeavor. Packing and moving musical instruments and other expensive items is no small feat. It is much more affordable to relocate them safely than to damage any of them and waste enormous amounts of money. Utilize services movers provide.

Some instruments are too large to pack. How to handle them?

Even when you disassemble some of it, some instruments are still robust and hard to handle. Of course, if you use a reliable long-distance NJ moving team, you shouldn’t think about it. But if a DIY project is at large, you must be extremely careful. Use appropriate equipment for this adventure to be sure that overall safety is at the highest level. Use dollies and never lift anything alone. Ask your friends and family members to assist when handling delicate and heavy instruments.

A woman playing a violin
Some instruments are hard to pack, while others have their own manufacturer’s boxes. Use them wisely.

Be delicate when packing instruments for a long-distance move

As we mentioned earlier, most of your instruments already have a box you can carry them in. But, those boxes are not meant to be used for moving. Especially not to be crushed by other items inside your moving truck. Therefore, think about other solutions. You can obtain custom shaped cardboard or plastic boxes.

Also, each item should be wrapped in a blister pack or a similar protective layer. And you must know how to load a moving truck to make sure if any moving mishap occurs, your instrument is still safe. A good example is a drum set where you can disassemble everything is small pieces and pack in boxes individually. Use Styrofoam or packing peanuts to provide a proper cushion and seal your box tight. A few layers of high-quality tape won’t hurt as well.

And there we go, a brief guide on how packing musical instruments should look like. Hopefully, you have only a guitar with you that you can carry over in your car. But whatever is the case, be careful and patient. Good luck and have a safe journey.

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