Packing in a hurry for your NJ move

Relocations can be stressful, especially if you need to move everything you own in a hurry. However, when you know the best moving tips, even packing in a hurry becomes as simple as pie. Therefore, if you need to relocate on short notice, now is not the time to panic! Instead of stressing yourself out, make some coffee and start reading our guide! After reading it, you will know how to prepare your home for the move in a time-saving manner. So, buckle up – these are the packing tips you should be following when moving in a hurry!

Be practical, not sentimental when packing in a hurry

The first thing you will have to do when moving in a hurry is to get rid of the items you don’t need or use anymore. Whether you will move with the help of local movers NJ or on your own, this step shouldn’t be skipped! Just think about it – by getting rid of some of your belongings, you will pack faster and you will actually save some money on the relocation!

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Forget about stressing out, a good organization will save the day!

The easiest way of decluttering when packing in a hurry is to create three piles. One for the items you are going to move, the other one for the items you are going to throw away, and the last ones for the items you are going to give to someone. We understand that getting rid of the items that have been in your home ever since you moved in is hard, but now is not the time to be sentimental. Just pick an item and ask yourself when is the last time you have used it. If you can’t remember, that is a good sign that you should get rid of it. As soon as you finish sorting your stuff, find some of the donation centers in NJ  that are near you and give your belongings from the third pile to those in need.

Put together a moving essentials box

After decluttering, you will be ready for the next step – putting together a moving essentials box. This box should contain the most important items that you are going to need during the first few days in your new home. Consider placing towels, non-perishable food, bottles of water, toiletries, and similar items in this box. Also, if you are moving long-distance with children, you will need to pack them an extra pair of clothes and their favorite toy.

Woman writing down the tips for packing in a hurry
Write down the things your family is going to need during the first few days after the move

Pack the rest of your belongings

So, what is next? Packing as fast as you can! To help you do this, we have written some of the moving tips from one of the best – our Essex County movers. Write them down if it is necessary and packing in a hurry will be a breeze!

  • Sort later. When moving in a hurry, there is no time to sort things before you pack them. So instead of wasting your time on this, just pack your items and sort everything after you move in.
  • Find alternatives to traditional packing materials. Use soft items, such as towels, blankets or sweaters as a cushioning material. you can wrap your breakables in these items to make sure they will survive transportation.
  • Pack your clothes as they are. There is no need for wasting your time on packing every piece you own. Instead, just wrap a plastic bag around all of your clothes while they are still on hangers.

There you have it – these are the most important tips for packing in a hurry! Follow them and you will relocate with ease!

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