Packing checklist for beginners

You decided on relocating again. Like the last time, you must organize, pack, and find one of the best moving companies Hackettstown NJ. And each relocation project has a moving checklist, inventory list, and a packing checklist behind it. Therefore, let us speed up your moving preparations by providing a few tips on the subject.

How should your packing checklist look like?

Today we are focusing on your packing checklist. It is the biggest moving stage and you should cover it as soon as possible. It all begins with a thorough home inspection. Visit each room of your home and figure out how many items you must pack. Pay a visit to the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, garage, attic, and basement. Then, inspect all the furniture as well. And after you are done, you’ll know the number of packing supplies you must purchase. List all those numbers on your checklist and you are ready for the next step.

Where to begin?

You already began with the home inspection. The next stage is to search for your packing materials. You can obtain most of it at the nearest hardware store. Or purchase everything online. Finally, if you decide on utilizing packing services NJ from your moving company, then your movers will bring everything. More importantly, they will pack, relocate, and unpack upon delivery. It is an affordable way of skipping the whole time-consuming packing process. Think about it.

Man an a woman carrying moving boxes
You can obtain all the moving supplies from your moving company.

Packing materials your packing checklist should cover

Depending on the size of your moving project, your budget, and your personal preferences, you should obtain the following packing materials:

  • Moving boxes
  • Blister packs
  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Labels

Include all we mentioned in your packing checklist and you won’t forget any of it once you go shopping.

It is time for a bit of downsizing

One thing is certain, you can’t pack without decluttering a bit. You will surely find enough old, unused, or outdated items you can remove. This way you’ll make your new space clutter-free and your packing will be easier. Not to mention that you’ll invest less in packing materials and your move will be cheaper. Hence, while inspecting your items before packing, you should set aside everything that should be removed. You should take special care of electronics, old furniture, chemicals, and hazardous materials. Recycle what you can and dispose of hazardous waste the proper way.

A cluttered space
Remove all the garbage and hoard from your home. Start fresh.

Pay special attention to the fragile items in your home

You must fill your inventory list with all fragile, expensive, unique, or rare items. Include family heirlooms, memorabilia, artwork, jewelry, etc. Ensure that you know exactly where each piece is and you should pack it adequately. And because you’ll have a lot of fragile items on your hands, you should label each box properly. This way you’ll protect your glassware, mirrors, pottery, and other similar items. But in case you do not want to take chances, consider purchasing one of the moving services from professional movers in NJ. You have the opportunity to enlist a moving team specialized in handling delicate items, robust furniture, or any hard-to-handle pieces. We already mentioned packing services, but there are many more for you to explore. Contact your movers and discuss this topic further.

Now you know how to assemble your packing checklist and keep yourself organized while packing. Be sure to take it easy and approach it patiently. Hopefully, you’ll have enough time to commit to your packing endeavor and ensure your items are nicely tucked in and ready for transport. Good luck.

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