Pack your home garden before moving from Butler to Montclair

Plants make our space more beautiful. And we all have our favorite flowers. Plants are living creatures, and they must be treated with care and attention. You have been devoting many years of attention to grow plants. When you have decided to relocate, you probably want to move the plants along as well. Both the ones in the apartment and the ones from the garden with you. However, if this is your first time moving plants, or you need extra help, we have special moving services NJ to aid you. Now let’s see how you can pack your home garden before moving from Butler to Montclair!

Plan ahead and pack your home garden before relocation

First, you need to examine your potted plants two weeks before moving and packing. You should know that every plant has its own special needs. Remove the dried leaves, wash the plants and pots. During the pack think about:

  • Using proper boxes
  • Hydrating your plants
  • Your gardening tools.

Good organization is the key to every successful relocation. So, feel free to ask movers Butler NJ for assistance.

Pack your home garden properly

Pack the plants in adequate boxes. Those need to be large enough to close them without bending and breaking branches and trees. It is a good idea to inform yourself about what kind of boxes you need. Our packing services NJ are here to answer all your questions. Also, put some insect repellent in the boxes. You don’t want your plants to be eaten by insects. Find out about this in agricultural pharmacies.

Water your plants carefully

Since this is a shock for plants, you need to hydrate them properly. Put wet toilet paper on the leaves. That way you will ensure moisture. Also, you can use a water sprayer to keep them hydrated. But don’t overdo it. Too much water can damage your plants. Make sure to contact NJ movers in order to ensure proper plant transport.

before you pack your home garden, make sure that your plants have enough water for the trip
Water your plants

The right temperature

If you take breaks on the road, park the car in a place where it is cold if it is warm outside. Or park where it is sunny if it is winter. Don’t carry them in the direct sunlight. It is necessary for plants to get used to it. Also, find out about the fertility of the land and the climate in the new home if it is an international move. If you are not sure when is the right time for moving your plants, ask Montclair movers and they will clarify it for you.

Upon arriving

When you arrive at your new home, the plants should be unpacked as soon as possible. Make that a priority. You should also buy new pots. Sometimes the old ones get broken during the transport. Also, tell the workers about your plants and how to handle them. That way, you will avoid the damage when you are unpacking the plants. Be sure to communicate well with Essex County movers and make a list of your plants.

Green indoor potted plants
Plan and pack your home garden before the relocation

Moving your plants from Butler to Montclair

Since plants are an important part of your space and you love them, you will surely do your best to move them safely. After packing your home garden, you need to transport your plants. Consult with flower experts on how to transport plants safely.

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