Pack and move a fish tank with ease

The whole moving organization is complicated and hard to handle. When moving home, one must assemble a proper plan, cover the packing process, and search for moving companies NJ. And what probably concerns us the most is how to relocate all those fragile items we possess? One such item is a fish tank. So, let us help you today by teaching you how to pack and move a fish tank. Let us take a look.

Search for reliable movers

Before we cover your fishy friends and pack and move a fish tank, we must cover the whole moving project. Your fish tank is not the only fragile item you have. Therefore, you must find adequate local movers NJ to relocate everything safely. So, inspect your home and figure out how hard it will be. Pinpoint all those fragile, expensive, and hard to handle items. Note everything down on your moving checklist and if you do it right, you will be able to calculate your moving costs precisely. Also, you will know how much you must invest in packing materials and moving services as well.

pack and move a fish tank with a help from a reliable moving crew
Find a pet-friendly moving company. They can help a lot.

Once you have all the basic info, contact your moving company and communicate further. If you have more than one fish tank or if you are moving a business related to this topic, you should enlist commercial movers NJ and the dedicated moving team. Movers provide all kinds of moving services and you should check what’s in a store beforehand.

You will pack and move a fish tank but what about your fish friends?

Ok, before you empty your tank, you must figure out what to do with your pets. Yes, this task is delicate because you will be handling fragile fishes, easily breakable glass, and other miscellaneous involved. Not to mention that you must prepare the environment and clean everything so your pets can continue where they left off. So, form a plan on how to relocate your pets safely. Find a safe spot inside your home and prepare the water to fill the tank once you are ready. Do this before the move so your fishes won’t stay for too long in plastic bags or containers designed for this occasion. Also, check with your movers if they have a pet moving representative that can assist when moving fishes. Some moving companies Morristown NJ have a pet-friendly moving team that can help a lot when it comes to moving pets.

Pack and move a fish tank – Essential tips

Now, let us cover some of the most important steps you shouldn’t forget when preparing a fish tank for the move. Consider the following:

  • Water – The water we mentioned earlier should be replaced. You can use the regular tap water but make sure you boil it first and let it sit for a few days. If you have no time you can use the old one but transport it in a container designed for this occasion. Plastic bottles or anything with a tight lid will work just fine.
  • Carrier – You can transport your fishes in baggies filled with water, or you can purchase containers at the nearest pet shop.
  • Equipment – This is the moment to clean all the fish tank equipment. Including the pebbles, rocks, and toys you have inside the aquarium.

How to move a fish tank?

Ok, this is actually the hardest part. Moving a fish tank is a delicate part of the whole story. Your fishes won’t mind going on an adventure, but they will not take kindly if you break their home. Therefore, you must be careful with this one. Yes, the fish tank is mostly made out of glass and it is easily breakable. But what makes it so hard to handle is the fact that it can be really heavy. This is a two-man job for sure. Unless you have a small fish tank that can fit in two hands.

A clown fish under water
Don’t forget the relocate the environment as well. Your fish shouldn’t face an empty tank.

So, as we said before, you should empty it, clean, dry it out, and fill it with a cushion. Use blankets, sheets, or any old clothing you can find. Wrap it in blister packs and it should be enough. And remember, you can always skip this part and let the professional movers Summit NJ handle this part. It is what you are paying them for after all.

It is time to take a swim!

Like you would for any other move, you should consider purchasing moving insurance. This time around you are moving a fish tank and you might need one. And as we already said, you probably have a ton of expensive, valuable, fragile, and delicate pieces in your home. So, securing the investment and ensuring the whole project would be wise. Consider it and if it fits your budget, do not hesitate to purchase one from your movers or from the insurance company.

Ok, you are ready to pack and move a fish tank. As you can see, it is a delicate job but with a bit of patience, the right tools, and a proper moving company by your side, it will be much easier. Hopefully, we helped enough to make this much easier for you. Good luck and stay safe.

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