Call More Than Three Office Moving Services NJ For An Estimate

When you want to relocate yourself and want to hire a moving service company, do not rely on the first one available to your or one that knocks at your door. It is ideal that you consider calling up at least three to four such moving companies for an estimate. This will ensure that you have a better price quote and a wider chance to compare the price and service. Moreover, such estimates should be given to you in writing and after proper inspection of your belongings by a visit to your office. Any online, over the phone or email quotes should be summarily rejected. All this will ensure that all your belongings will be loaded to the truck and you will not have to face any problems due to the challenge of under quoting.


Types Of Estimates  


Irrespective of hiring home or office moving services NJ you must know about the types of estimates that are usually provided by the moving companies. Know about the pros and cons of each, weigh it judiciously and then accept the one that is most suitable to you. Ideally, there are two types of quotes that the moving companies provide, one is the binding estimate and the other is the not-to-exceed binding estimate. The latter is better for interstate moving though both types put a guaranteed cap on the price that you will pay for moving your belongings. Whatever be the type, the estimate should be given in writing.       


Estimates Are Free


You must know that these estimates are offered for free for both local and long distance moving services NJ. The nonbinding estimates are also legal but the Department of Transportation moving guide warns that you should expect to pay more finally. Even for interstate moving the companies are allowed to provide you with binding estimates for free. However, the estimates for interstate moving will largely depend on the weight of the items as well as the distance travelled. On the other hand for in-state moves the estimate is given depending on the total time it will take to move your belongings.

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