A New Year: A New Move

For many, a New Year is the best time to make their move…literally meaning that they plan to move soon. After all the New Year is all about making resolutions, turning over a new leaf and making your life better than it was last year. So, moving may be the catalyst you need to make this happen. And we can help! Van Express is here for your moving needs, whether you need professionals to transport this, pack this or give a few pieces of advice, we are here.

Since a move may be in the near future for many, we have compiled a few tips that can make moving a bit easier!

  1. Be sure to pack a bag that you keep with you. This overnight bag may need to be for a couple of nights until your things are delivered to your new place.
  2. Take moving as a time to declutter those items that you may no longer use. Decluttering can be a great way to not only get rid of things but help lighten the load in terms of what you are moving! Donate items, have a yard sale or give these to someone who wants them. There is no reason moving something that you do not plan on moving!
  3. Confirm a moving date with a professional moving company as soon as possible. Through doing this in advance you are getting the best rate that can be found, and you are securing your place. Remember, while the New Year may not be prime moving season, several people decide that this is the time to shake up their life!
  4. Make arrangements with the movers if you have larger items, like baby grand pianos or the like. These are items that can be moved, but they do require a little extra work and tools.

For those who are taking the New Year holiday as a sign that it is time to move, remember that moving can be as hard or as easy as you want it. The key is getting the right people around you to help!

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