Moving your family to Summit, NJ with ease

If you were looking for a near-perfect place to raise a family, you may as well stop the moment you come across Summit, NJ. Friendly and welcoming people, willing to come together when someone needs help. Some of the best public schools in the country, with plenty of extracurricular activities options for your children. Breathtaking buildings, each with its own story, for all the history buffs. Charming downtown, with a plethora of opportunities for making new friends. A ton of parks for rest and recreation if you are an outdoors type of person. Fenomenal connection to NYC, if you work in the city or want to take your family on a field trip. The list goes on and on. You might say that this movie-like little town has everything a thriving family needs. And with the help of moving companies NJ, moving your family to Summit will be a breeze.

The key to a successful move: Proper preparation

There’s more to a proper preparation than just hiring some of the best movers Summit NJ has to offer. Although it’s a good place to start, there are a few things that precede actual planning.

Breaking the news

A decision to uproot your family and relocate somewhere else is never an easy one. Especially if you are moving with kids. It might not be that big of an issue if they are in their pre-teens, although you will certainly meet some degree of resistance. However, once they hit that magical age where they start forming strong bonds and crave the acknowledgment of their peers, things might take an entirely different turn.

Child in blue shirt crying
An outburst of emotion is expected – especially with teenagers.

Once you’ve decided to tell them, be prepared for an outburst of emotions. Needless to say, most of the negative ones will be directed towards you. It’s to be expected – rebellion is a part of growing up. But you already know this, you’ve been through it yourself. Therefore, do not wait to break the news – do it as soon as possible. That way they will have enough time to comprehend the reasons behind the life-changing event that’s about to unravel and find a way to cope with it.

Make it easier by doing some research

Breaking the news will be much easier if you have ways to make them love the very idea of moving your family to Summit. And in the age of technology, gathering information will be a piece of cake. So consult the internet, and research anything that will help them familiarize themselves with the new environment:

  • Schools
  • Local venues
  • Events
  • Activities
  • Parks and outdoor entertainment options
  • Interesting landmarks

Include anything that will get them hyped about the change. Even better – encourage them to make their list of things they would like to visit, see or do once they arrive.

Moving your family to Summit will be easy if you organize well

You always hear people say that moving is stressful. There’s a certain degree of truth to that. However, when the whole family is working together towards the common goal, the move can become an enjoyable and, even, fun experience! Therefore, gather your merry band of misfits, and start planning.

Run your decisions by your kids

Children think differently than adults. They are creative and unburdened by the real-life experience. For this reason, it is great to ask for and seriously consider their ideas and suggestions. More often than not you’ll find yourself baffled by the sheer freshness of their propositions and a different outlook on problems. So much so, that you’ll probably end up asking yourself that age-old question: “How did they grow up so fast?”

Make a checklist

No stress-free move can be realized (almost) effortlessly with a good checklist. Always keep a pen and paper handy, as the list is sure to get longer as you progress through the moving process. Even better, use some of the many Android or iOS apps available for your phone or tablet. Inspire each family member to do the same, even the kids. At the end of the day, hold a family meeting to consolidate the list and make moving your family to Summit even easier.

Father and son looking at smartphones - Moving your family to Summit
Leave nothing to chance! Make a super-list with the help of your family!

Hire the best movers you can – and do it promptly

This is especially important if the date of the move falls during a peak season. Not only it will be hard to hire a reputable moving company during this time, but the price of relocation can also increase significantly. Hence the need to book them well in advance. Preferably, a month or two.

Declutter and get rid of things you don’t need

Large families and, especially, families with kids, often have a ton more stuff than they need. A good example would be children’s clothing. It’s a well-known fact that children outgrow their clothes, shoes, and jackets extremely fast. It’s also known that parents usually store these things away. And not only children’s clothes but their own too. And the upcoming move is a great opportunity to get rid of all the unnecessary things. So get your kids to help you pick out toys and clothing items they no longer want and either organize a yard sale, donate or throw them away. This way you will save both money for the move and unpacking time.

Do not only plan the move – plan for after also

Sometimes children will have a hard time adjusting to their new environment. Needless to say, you should do anything in your power to help them through this period. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to make the transition easier.

Boy and girl holding hands
The adaptation period will go smoother if you help your children make friends as soon as possible.

Meet the neighbors

Summit is a small and warm community. Don’t be surprised if neighbors show up with cookies the moment the moving truck has left your front yard. Look at this as an opportunity for your kids to make some new friends, as it will certainly make the adjustment process easier.

Go out and explore

Something is always happening in the neighborhood. Therefore, moving your family to Summit is always a good idea. Visit the local gathering sites or some of the many family-friendly events taking place throughout the year and both you and your kids will be making a ton of friends in no time.

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