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If you are moving to NJ, or more precisely, to Marlton, you have made a good choice. Moving to Marlton NJ is a great decision for many reasons and we will tell you everything you need to know about this NJ city. Life in NJ means you will most certainly find something for yourself, no matter the reason for your relocation. And Marlton is no exception. This is an area that doesn’t have a lot of residents, but that is one of the reasons people decide to move there. Before you start packing and preparing, you might want to contact one of the best local movers NJ has to offer, as they will help you have a memorable relocation. Keep reading and find out more about Marlton.

Why you may want to consider moving to Marlton?

One of the main benefits of moving to Marlton is the peace you will get. It is a small community of 10,700 people. Even though it has been slowly growing, you still will get the suburban feel and peaceful area where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of bigger cities. For that reason, it is also a great city for raising a family. Also, in Marlton, you can find the office of one of the most reliable moving companies in NJ, and that is Van Express Moving & Storage. Namely, Van Express Moving & Storage NJ is a company that can fulfill all of your moving and storage needs. They are one of the most affordable companies that can provide you with quality services. Contact these reliable movers and schedule your relocation, and in the meantime find out about:

  • the cost of living,
  • job opportunities,
  • things to do in Marlton.
New Jersey
Moving to Marlton NJ is a great idea

The cost of living after moving to Marlton NJ

When compared to the average cost of living in New Jersey, Marlton is one of the most affordable places. First of all, the overall cost of living index is much more affordable than in New Jersey. Even though it is slightly more expensive than average in the USA, the costs of living are still fairly reasonable. So, the overall cost of living index in Marlton NJ is 105, while the average in NJ is 119.8. Of course, this doesn’t put New Jersey at the top of the list when it comes to the most affordable states, but it isn’t the most expensive one, either.

The housing costs are significantly lower in Marlton than in New Jersey in general. Namely, the housing costs index in Marlton is 102.8. In New Jersey, it is 136.4. In accordance with this are the median home costs also. The median home cost in NJ is $397,900, while in Marlton it is almost 100,000 cheaper, that is 300,000. If affordability is one of the main reasons why you want to move to Marlton, then it is time to contact Marlton movers and schedule the relocation.

Renting a place to live in Marlton

Renting an apartment or a house in Marlton depends on the size and place where you want to live. For starters, if you are coming from that area, you always have Burlington County movers to help you, no matter where in Marlton you want to relocate to. After planning your budget and your needs, you can decide between many living options in this area. For example, if you need a studio apartment, you will have to pay only $905 a month. This rent price is quite affordable, especially if we have in mind that the average in New Jersey for an apartment of the same size is $1132. A one-bedroom apartment costs $1031 to rent in Marlton and $1132 in NJ. Four-bedroom houses are the most expensive, of course. In New Jersey, the average monthly rent is 2337 dollars, while in Marlton it is, luckily, much more affordable – 1768 dollars.

Job opportunities in Marlton NJ

It is possible to find a good job in Marlton, but that, of course, depends on your preferences. The good news is that Marlton has a great transportation system and that commuting from that place is easy. So, if you don’t find a job you’d like after moving to Marlton NJ, you still don’t have to give up that peaceful life you have imagined. You can have both. The unemployment rate in Marlton is 4.8%. That is significantly higher than the unemployment rate in New Jersey, which is 3.3%. However, the situation is getting better, because the job market has seen a certain increase over the year.

A woman packing a box and looking at a laptop
Find a reliable moving company in Marlton, such as Van Express NJ

When it comes to the most popular jobs in Marlton, the list includes math teachers, entry-level consultants, cashiers, estheticians, retail sales representatives, etc. The average salary in Marlton is $74,000 a year. The best-paid job is the Executive Director. The salary of people who work in that position is between $88,000 – $169,000, which means the average is $98,000. So, if you think you can pursue a career in any of these jobs, maybe it is time to find some of the most reliable movers in Marlton and start your relocation.

What are some interesting things to do in Marlton?

There are many interesting things you can do after moving to Marlton. As a Marlton resident, you’ll never run out of things to do. There are several food options, outdoor activities, retail complexes, late-night hotspots, and historical landmarks in the town. If you decide to move to Marlton with your family, you will also enjoy many activities, because this place offers something for everyone, not just one group of people. For example, for golf lovers, there is Indian Springs Golf Course, which will entertain even the most passionate golfers.

When it comes to children’s activities, if they love sports, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Diamonds at Arrowhead Park and the Memorial Complex. A nature stroll at Eisenhower Park or the adjoining Wharton State Forest is also recommended. It doesn’t matter which activity you will choose and how old you are, you will find something to enjoy in Marlton.

Golf ball
There are many outdoor activities in Marlton, including golf.

Prepare for your move

Moving to Marlton NJ is a great decision, but you have to be prepared well. By reading our guide, you now have a better idea of what to expect. And if you want to make your relocation as easy as possible, find and hire some of the top moving services NJ has to offer. That is the way to fully enjoy your relocation. With professional movers at your side, there will be nothing to worry about.


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