Moving Tips and Hacks from your Best NJ Movers

First, you want to write everything down. You will thank yourself later. Before you even begin packing boxes, invent a new record-keeping system.

Create a computer-generated list of numbers with spaces to write the contents you’ll be packing. Or, better yet, have a compound notebook ready and able for the task at hand. You’ll place a number on every box you pack, and list its contents on your list on the computer paper or in the notebook. Don’t put the list down unless it’s in a place you’ll call “Packing Landing Stage.” Well, this is where you will find all your labels, markers tape and other supplies you’ll need for the move. When you describe each box, be specific, okay? “A” through “Z” files are better than just “files,” and “Floral Dishes” is better than “Kitchen.”

Here are some more hacks from your best NJ movers, Van Express:

1.      Plan how you will pack. Pack things first that you aren’t planning on using a lot.

2.      Start packing as soon as you find out you’re moving to a new location.

3.      Never pack items that are flammable.

4.      Use generous amounts of paper inside the cartons that are getting packed on the top and bottom to provide extra cushion.

5.      List contents and the name of the specific room on the outside of the carton.

6.      Clearly mark “FRAGILE” on the outside of the carton.

7.      Use clean newspapers. Old newspapers may work at times, but use sparingly because the ink may rub off onto your belongings. Start saving this material once you know you’ll be moving.

8.      Write “OPEN FIRST” on cartons containing essential items like cookware, toiletries, etc.

9.      Separate delicate items versus non-delicate items.

10.  Use professional packing take or Duct Tape.

Now, here is a “Easy Moving” checklist just for you! It’s a hack to use before and after the big move. Take this moving advice from us, and utilize it. You can even print it out and keep it with you before and even many days after your big move. Take advantage of your best NJ mover’s tips and hacks.

1.      Host a yard sale. And in preparation of that sale, tag all items and be prepared to get the best deal possible. Those who attend yard sales will haggle, so have some fun with it.

2.      Pack heavy items you have in small boxes and light items you have in large boxes.

3.      Plates and any CDs or records you may have should always be packed on end and vertically, rather than placed flat and stacked on top of each other.

4.      Time to protect all of your memories! If it’s irreplaceable, take it with you in your car.

5.      If you have children, have them practice writing their new address on cartons so they’ll be able to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings.

6.      Pack an overnight moving box with your essentials: undergarments, toiletries, socks, spare shoes, batteries, keys and anything else you think you’ll need the first few nights in your new space.

Which hacks were your favorites? Care to share any of your hacks with our readers?

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