Moving from Pompton Lakes to Montclair during spring season

So, you are moving from Pompton Lakes to Montclair this spring. You picked the perfect time and city for relocation. Now, you also need to find a perfect moving company for your move. To do that, you should hire NJ movers. New Jersey has many good cities for living and Montclair is among them. You will certainly fall in love with Montclair right away and won’t have trouble adjusting to the new city. For this reason, here are a few things you should know about Montclair and how to prepare for your relocation well.

Why moving from Pompton Lakes to Montclair is a good idea?

Montclair is one of the best cities for living in New Jersey. There are many reasons to support this claim. So, moving here with moving company Montclair NJ might be one of your best decisions recently. This doesn’t mean that Pompton Lakes is a bad city. Every city has its benefits and Montclair’s are the following:

  • Proximity to New York City
  • Nature
  • Safety
  • Great schools
  • Outdoor activities

What should you know about Montclair?

Montclair is a little bit bigger city than Pompton Lakes with almost 40 000 residents. So, it won’t be a huge change from Pompton Lakes which has around 20 000 residents. Additionally, Montclair and Pompton Lakes are only about 30 min car drive, so you can hire local movers NJ for your relocation. Montclair is located in Essex County and has four main districts: Montclair Center, Watchung Plaza, Walnut Street, and Upper Montclair. If you are in the mood for shopping then you should head to Montclair Center as there are located interesting shops, bookshops, art galleries, etc. Walnut Street is famous for its farmer’s market where you can try and buy locally farmed vegetables and fruits.

A picture of a street
Moving from Pompton Lakes to Montclair is a great decision

Montclair has the magnet school system

Another good aspect of moving to Montclair with Pompton Lakes NJ movers is the magnet school system. It’s a unique system of elementary and middle schools where the school offers specialist programs for a particular subject alongside the standard curriculum. Some of the specialist tuitions that you can find in Montclair are art, global studies, science, and technology. Education is very important in Montclair and this school system was developed in the 1970s.

Montclair is very close to New York City

One of the bigger advantages of living in Montclair is the proximity to NYC. Montclair is located 12 miles west of Manhattan which is about 30 min car drive. Additionally, there are a couple of ways to get from Montclair to Manhattan. You can direct the train which is departing hourly from Watchung Avenue to New York Penn Station. The journey takes about 45 min and the train operates Monday to Friday. Also, there is a direct bus line from Park St at Watchung Ave to Port Authority Bus Terminal. The bus service also operates hourly and on weekends too.

train moving from Pompton Lakes to Montclair
There are direct train and bus lines to NYC

Spring is the perfect time for moving to Montclair

You couldn’t pick a more perfect time for moving from Pompton Lakes to Montclair than spring. It’s still not a peak season for professional movers and the weather is no longer cold. For this reason, you should start preparing for your relocation to Montclair to the fullest.


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