Moving from Hackensack to Riverdale: how to prepare

Whatever we decide to do, it is better when done with preparation. Organization is key to a successful task, and moving is no different. The root of the organization is a plan, and you will need a firm moving plan. Even if you have some NJ movers, they might not be hired to help you with everything. A local move might not call for professional help, but it does require planning and finding out as much as you can about what you can expect. Moving from Hackensack to Riverdale might not seem like a significant change, but every place is unique, and you should know what changes await you.

General differences you can expect when moving from Hackensack to Riverdale

Staying within the same state might not bring drastic changes, but a move is a move. Even moving down the street will include at least minor shifts. If you want to ease into the new surroundings, you should move with the help of Bergen County movers. These movers know their way around their and other neighboring counties, so they will be your best bet for a successful local move. Both these places are suburbs of New York City, but they have a major difference, in the size and population living there. Hackensack is home to 44,000 residents while only 4,000 people call Riverdale home. Since Hackensack is a bigger place with more things to do, it is also more attractive to young people. Riverdale, on the other hand, is calmer, conservative, and family-oriented.

Picture of an empty street
When moving from Hackensack to Riverdale, you can expect to see emptier streets

What are the good sides of life in Riverdale?

Depending on what you are looking for, Riverdale can either be really good or very bad. The same cannot be said for some movers Morris County NJ since they always strive to satisfy their customers. Some of the best things about this suburb are:

  • Proximity to points of interests
  • Housing and cost of living are more affordable

Close enough to the downtown

Riverdale might be a suburb of a big city, but it doesn’t feel like it unless you want it to. Hackensack might be closer to the downtown of NYC, but that also makes it more crowded and with heavier traffic. Riverdale on the other hand is a bit further away from the popular spots, but this also brings sweet release once the crowd becomes too much. If you want to be able to experience every important event, but still go back home where it is peaceful, then don’t hesitate to hire Riverdale NJ movers. When you live in Hackensack, you might be able to get faster to the city’s hotspots, but the streets will always be more crowded here than they are in Riverdale.

More affordable lifestyle

The cost of living has always been an important thing to consider before making the final decision and moving with Hackensack NJ movers, but now even more than before. The recent price surges have left many people barely surviving the month, and moving to a more affordable place might be the only solution. You will be relieved to hear that basic life necessities are cheaper in Riverdale than in Hackensack. This includes housing, utilities, transportation, groceries, etc.

Picture of a piggy bank ready for moving from Hackensack to Riverdale
The lifestyle is more affordable in Riverdale, mostly due to the location

When you think about moving from Hackensack to Riverdale, keep everything in mind. You cannot prepare properly for your move unless you research everything about your new neighborhood, even the bad sides. One of the bad sides might be the long commute time if you work in NYC and the lower amount of job opportunities available. But as we stated before, some people might mind this, while others will enjoy it. Everybody is different, so the decision is up to you!


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