Most common moving injuries and how to avoid them

Relocating home can be a nuisance at times. There are several fairly hard steps you must complete such as packing, finding reliable movers NJ, and organizing accordingly. When you have a lot on your plate, it is understandable that you fear if something at some point might go wrong. But do not worry, if you plan ahead, you can minimize the chance for moving mishaps significantly. Therefore, let us introduce you to moving injuries and how to avoid them. After applying adequate safety measures, your relocation will be nothing but a pure victory. Let’s go!

Plan at least a month in advance

If you plan well in advance, you will have more time to spot possible mishaps and prevent them. Of course, in a game of chance, anything can happen. But you can organize in such a way that you’ll minimize the possibility for anything bad to occur. So, the first step is to inspect the whole environment. Move through the areas of your home and inspect your belongings, furniture, and surroundings. This way you will figure out how many packing materials you need and organize packing better. Also, you must inspect all the stairs, handrails, doors, windows, floors, and hallways. Your movers will move through your home hauling stuff, and if there is anything that might cause an issue, you should remove it before the moving day. Make a safe environment for you and your movers.

You want to know about moving injuries and how to avoid them?

Who knows better about the moving injuries and how to avoid them? The Pompton lakes NJ movers of course. Simply by working in the moving industry, professional movers gained experience and knowledge on how to prepare the environment appropriately. Sure, you will do as much as you can, but your movers will add a final touch for sure. After obtaining onsite estimates, movers will point out possible hazardous items and advise on removing them. Hence, you should listen to the moving representative and work closely with them on your moving logistics. Together, you will make your relocation safe and efficient.

The way you pack matters

Ok, you must know that the most common injury is an ankle sprain. It can happen to anyone at any time. But when we talk about moving, the chances for something like that are tripled. And it happens because movers make thousands of steps back and forth carrying boxes. If any of your boxes is overstuffed, unsecured, open, or items are sticking out, there is an increased chance of a moving injury. And not to mention that your belongings will be damaged in the process. Therefore, you should focus on proper packing for sure.

You should know about the moving injuries and how to avoid them
Do not overstuff your boxes. It is the most common cause of a moving injury.

Go to the nearest hardware store and buy cardboard boxes, packing tape, blister packs, and labels. Use the blister pack to make a cushion inside the box and to fill the gaps between the items. Close the box and apply several layers of tape until you are sure it will withstand the voyage. Finally, label each box with the content inside. Especially those that contain fragile or highly valuable items. This will raise awareness and the items and the movers will be safer. Unpacking will be easier and safer as well. But if you do not want to risk it for a second, consider purchasing packing services NJ. Let the professional hauler bring packing materials, pack, and relocate safely. At least think about it.

Moving injuries and how to avoid them 101

In most cases preventing is easier than mending. We already stated that you should inspect everything and make sure it is secured. Focus on your attic, basement, garage, yard, and shed, if you have one. Those are the places that have many hazardous items, sharp objects, flammable liquids, etc. Pay special attention when clearing out those places and make sure nothing is left for movers to stumble upon. If you do so, you will avoid an ankle sprain, back injuries, and any kind of bone breaking. God forbids. Also, you should think about your local movers, they can get hurt as well.

Barbed wire on a fence.
Remove all hazardous materials, liquids, and objects out of the way. Someone might get hurt.

Do not forget to take care of yourself as well

In case anything bad happens, you should always have a home-made first-aid kit nearby. You can make one yourself or buy one at the nearest store. But if anything, serious happens, do not waste time, but call the ambulance right away. Meanwhile, help as much as you can. But note that movers usually have a member among them with the basic medical training so they can help out with minor injuries and such. On the other hand, you shouldn’t worry about physical injuries only. Relocating home can be emotional, stressful, and you can easily break under the pressure. Therefore, take care of your body, soul, mind, and emotions as much as you can. For starters, at least take a good night’s sleep a week before the move. And on the day of the move, eat less and drink enough fluids. Your movers should do the same.

Now you know all about moving injuries and how to avoid them. Do not forget to take care of yourself prior to the move as well on your moving day. Keep yourself and your family safe and your relocation will go in the same manner. Good luck!

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