Morris County guide for renters

Finding a good apartment or house to rent that doesn’t cost a small fortune becomes a real challenge. It seems as every day renting prices are only increasing and people are still willing to pay ridiculous prices. A general rule is that rents are higher in bigger and more popular cities, but there are exceptions as always. Therefore, you should focus your search on smaller towns that are close to bigger cities. Morris County offers great renting options. So, when you are preparing for a move with one of the best moving companies NJ offers, you should see what Morris County has to offer. Here is a short Morris County guide for renters.

Morris County guide for renters – what should you know about Morris County?

Morris County is located 30 miles west of NYC in New Jersey and also it is a part of the New York metropolitan area. The county seat is Morristown and Morris County has a population of over 500 000. Morris County has the highest per capita personal income in New Jersey with an income of almost $90 000. This means that you can’t really expect to find cheap renting prices when you move here with moving companies Morris County NJ. Morris County has 39 towns in total and some of the more prominent are the following ones:

  • Morristown
  • Mountain Lakes
  • Madison
  • Mendham Township

The renting scene in Morristown

Morristown is the county seat and it has a population of almost 20 000. Soon with help from moving companies Morristown NJ, Morristown will record an increase in population. The city is one of the best places to live in NJ and has many rental options from cheap to luxury ones. The median monthly rent is around $2900 which is higher than the New Jersey average.

 Morris County guide for renters has a good solutions for you
Morristown is not the most affordable town in Morris County

Madison renting options and prices

Madison is a smaller town located along the Morris and Essex Lines with a population of around 16 000. The town is more affordable compared to Morristown. Renting prices are similar to New Jersey ones. For example, a studio apartment rent is around $1100 which is almost the same as the New Jersey average. The slight difference can be seen in renting prices of bigger apartments as Madison is a bit more expensive than NJ median rent. But still, it’s a good place to move to with moving companies Madison NJ.

You should consider Mountain Lakes

Mountain Lakes is one of the best places to live in Morris County. The town is really small with only 4000 residents, but it has a strong community and good living conditions. The median rent is around $1700 which is higher than what you would expect from a small town. However, if you move here with long distance movers NJ, you will happy to hear that an average annual income of around $160 000 is one of the highest in NJ.

Rents are high everywhere in NJ

Renting prices in NJ have increased drastically in just last year. The biggest increase is recorded for a one-bedroom apartment with an increase of 81%. Bigger apartments are also more expensive than before. However, as they are not very popular for renting, the rent increase is not so drastic.

assorted-color concrete houses
Morris County guide for renters will help you to find a good home

You will find your home

Morris County guide for renters might seem scary at first glance. However, these are only average prices and you can find cheaper options. Everyone found their perfect home, so you also will.


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