Meet Kamal Kendrick of Russo Real Estate

Kamal Kendrick is a top New Jersey realtor from Russo Real Estate in Teaneck. He sat down with the team to discuss his dream of becoming an agent and so much more.

Tell us about your path to becoming an agent:

Kamal Kendrick: I graduated in 2016 from Muhlenberg College. After graduation, I decided to get my license. Originally, I majored in business and media/communications, so both of those bridged my way into real estate; I could easily apply what I had learned from my education into a new career.

I got into the business because I like helping people. I love walking people through the steps of homeownership, and I don’t necessarily find myself in the selling business… I’m more in the relationship business. My goal is to build good rapport with my clients and I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable or pressured into buying, because, at the end of the day, it’s a big purchase.

I pride myself in being very honest and realistic about moving situations; I’m transparent and uphold that mindset with every lead I manage.

How do you feel about somebody finding their forever home?

Kamal Kendrick: What I’ll try to do is, I’ll tell my clients to figuratively close their eyes and ask them to paint a mental picture of the perfect home. I’d like for them to give me three checklist items that can be hit or miss and three that are absolutely dealbreakers. And then I’d like for them to tell me what their budget is, because I want to be realistic about what they can afford. And in turn, I’d like to share that same visual with my client… share the dream with them and get motivated to move forward.

I want to deliver the perfect home at the perfect price for your budget, so you’ll feel at home and will be able to make memories for years to come.

So, you would rather wait and tell a client to hold off until something more “perfect” comes along, is that right?

Kamal Kendrick: Absolutely. Sometimes, situations occur where the client has to wait and feel out when the time is right to move forward. If the client has time to wait, I’ll tell them what their options are at the moment, in the area they’re looking at, at a particular price range. And if it’s not something they want, I’ll hold off and see if anything else comes on the market.

Is it a buyer’s market or seller’s market right now?

Kamal Kendrick: It’s definitely a seller’s market at the moment.

Do you feel that realtors work better alone or within a group, depending upon the size of the company? For example, a smaller agency rather than a larger, more well-known one… why or why not?

Kamal Kendrick: Right now, I’m with a smaller agency; they have a great rapport in this community and have been around the community for over thirty years. I don’t feel like, in this certain situation, a team would be necessary. But, if I were to be with the big players – where there might be one hundred agents in the office – then a team setting might be something that’s worth it in the long run. Honestly, it all depends on your situation and circumstance.

Being a realtor in New Jersey, how do you feel the profession is different in our state than in others?

Kamal Kendrick: First, I’ll mention the taxes. Taxes in this area are crazy. And if you go to other areas, such as the south, their taxes are much, much lower. It’s a give and take though, because being in the Greater New York area, you’ll see a lot of influx of New Yorkers coming over the bridge and wanting to start a new life. People from all over the country come to this area.

When working with referrals, namely moving companies, what are realtors looking for? In your opinion, how does that relationship last?

Kamal Kendrick: I learned that it’s important to have a good team, whether they’re comprised of lawyers, lenders, painters, and in this case, moving companies. I want to be able to point my clients to an expert, while building those business relationships with people who can really help each other.

And from a moving company, I just want to work with a team that’s honest, transparent and professional that does a job in a timely manner. That’s really it, plain and simple. I’m trusting you with my clients, you’re an extension of me.

For unbeatable service and top-notch customer care, contact Kamal Kendrick today. He may also be reached at (201) 982-8337.

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