Marlton living costs in 2023

Located in Burlington County, Marlton is a census-designed place with about 10,000 residents. It is just 23 miles away from downtown Philadelphia. So, many are considering it as one of the Philadelphia suburbs. Marlton is considered one of the safest places in NJ. It also has very good public schools. And, the area around the town is beautiful, with many places to see and visit. And, after visiting, you might wish to move to this charming NJ city. If so, the assistance of Van Express Moving NJ can show as very valuable. But, before moving, you will probably want to learn what are the Marlton living costs in 2023.

Marlton living costs in 2023

Calculating the living costs is actually not so hard. You will basically have to add up:

  • cost of housing,
  • food,
  • transportation,
  • childcare,
  • healthcare,
  • taxes, etc.

The sum total will actually present the Marlton costs of living. So, let us see a more detailed picture of the mentioned categories.

A Man With Baby is Sitting on Bench Near Lake - Marlton living costs.
Marlton is considered one of the safest places in NJ.

Cost of housing

The largest component of living costs is housing. So, we can see that the median home value in Marlton is $261,100. It is just a bit higher than the national average. Although 60% of residents own the property, for some people renting could be a better option. Especially in cases when they are staying in NJ for a shorter period. A typical rent in Marlton is $1,366 per month. And, in case you are looking for affordable moving services, look no further than movers in Marlton.

Median household Income

Housing affordability is an area that also depends on income. And, the median household income that you can expect in Marlton is $84,915.

Costs of food

Costs of food have also a significant impact on the overall cost of living. Calculating the costs of a nutritionally adequate diet, we can see that a 4-member family spends annually  $8,986 on average. The NJ annual cost of food for a 4-member family is $9,914. So, good quality and cheaper food can also be a reason for relocation. If so, don’t miss to give a call to Burlington movers.

Costs of transportation

Transportation costs are also influencing the costs of living. To calculate this cost for a Marlton resident, we have to consider the cost of gas, public transit, and car maintenance. It brings us to the conclusion that a single Marlton needs $10,080 to cover annual commuting costs. 

Three Toddler Eating on White Table.
Childcare costs in Marlton are lower than the NJ average.

Childcare costs

Overall annual spending on childcare can come up to thousands of dollars. And, it can easily affect the cost of living. Having two kids, the childcare in Marlton would cost you $18,322 annually. The NJ average childcare cost is $18,864. So, moving to Marlton, your childcare cost will decrease. And, moving with the best local movers in New Jersey you can expect to be affordable too.

Healthcare costs in Marlton

The average annual healthcare cost for one adult person in Marlton is about  $4,147. So, it doesn’t differ so much from the NJ average of  $4,273. Or from the national annual healthcare costs of $4,266.

Taxes in Marlton

No other costs differ so much from city to city as taxes. So, we have compared the national income tax, the Social Security contributions, and the Medical payroll tax. This showed us that the average adult employed in Marlton pays $6,805 annually for taxes. This amount is close to a statewide average of $6,840.

Living in Marlton, NJ

We did a detailed review of the categories that make up the Marlton living costs. This showed us that they are lower than the NJ average. As well as the nationwide average. we could see a lot of cons to living in this NJ city. As like in any other city, there are some cons too. But cost-wise, you will have a comfortable living after moving to Marlton. 




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