Making a Move Easier on Kids

When you’re moving with children, issues will arise above and beyond the typical moving woes. Kids may not want to move, and as an adult, it’s your responsibility to do what’s best for your family.

How can you make a move easier on kids?

Younger Kids Need to Feel Like They Are A Part of Moving Day

One of the best ways to get younger children on board with a move, is to make sure they feel a part of things. For example, let the kids assist with your family’s packing, or let them choose paint colors for their new room(s).

Here are some other tips from your best NJ movers:

1.       Be sure that the neighborhood you’re moving to is kid-friendly

2.       Find activities in your new town that will make your kids feel more included in the community; try painting or yoga classes

3.       Talk to your children well in advance of moving day; allow each child to ask questions and also allow them to feel their feelings and fully express them

Older Kids – Tweens and Teens

When moving tweens and teens, you have to understand that those years are some of the toughest. They are older, they have established relationships and friendships, and chances are, they probably don’t want to move.

So, here are some stronger tips on how to manage time with older children, from your best NJ movers:

1.       Assure your older children that they do, in fact, have smart devices; they can stay in touch with their connections well past moving day

2.       If your son or daughter plays sports, be sure to find them a new team to sign-up with in your new town so they feel at home

3.       Be sure to highlight the important aspects of the move; be honest with your older kids about why you are moving

While Van Express may not necessarily be able to reach out to your children directly, we are here for you and your family,. From our family to yours, we understand that moving can be hard on kids, but there is no reason moving day can’t be fun.

Call us, Van Express, your best NJ movers, at (973) 288-9887 to book your move today.

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