Long-distance moving checklist

There can be all kinds of moving, depending on your needs. The moving process by itself is hard and difficult already. Don’t make it even harder by trying to do something on your own. Be smart and wise! Long-distance moving is a process that needs good preparation. So stay with us and we will show you how to manage long-distance moving with our checklist.

The first on the list for long-distance moving – hire good movers

You need good reliable movers when you are thinking about long-distance moving. No matter how capable you are or what are your abilities, don’t do it by yourself. Let’s take that you are moving to New Jersey, New York. Long-distance moving is moving with the element of long-distance. That is crucial for planning. Because when you are aware that you will maybe have to change transportation, you will prepare better. So give your trust to long-distance movers NJ which will complete the relocation in New Jersey with success.

-illustration of professional movers
Professional movers are the only choice for a successful move.

They invested their recourses in developing different services in moving and that is for every compliment. A moving company should dedicate its work to the customer’s satisfaction. And that is exactly what a responsible company does, takes care of its customers. Then, arm yourself with patience and rely on your moving partner to take care of everything about long-distance moving.

Make an inventory list

Maybe, one of the most important things you should do is to make and finish an inventory list. An inventory list needs to be made of all the things you have to relocate. The best way is to go room by room. Just one at the time. Don’t stress about it at all. Play music and start writing! You have to organize yourself if you want to succeed with long-distance moving. Let’s imagine that you are moving to New Jersey. Then hire Van Express NJ and get advice about almost everything in moving long distances.

They are specialized in all kinds of moving processes. And they can guide you in the best way through the moving process. Their experts have been through the training at the highest level. And they know how to consult you about the inventory list. It must be made of all items that you want to transfer to a new home. If you want to get rid of old unnecessary things, now is the right time to do so. Reduce the number of items and your cost of moving at the same time. You will need that money when you relocate or for decoration for example.

-long distance moving
With an inventory list, you won’t have a problem with forgetting anything while packing for a long-distance relocation.

Label the moving boxes

Well, after making an inventory list it is very important to get things started and pack for the move. But when you start to pack think good and pack only the items which you will need in your new home. Get rid of all the things you don’t need. If you are moving to New Jersey, then arrange the quickest packing services NJ which will get your things together quickly. And with the most care. When they finish with packing, label the moving boxes. Doing that you will provide unpacking without stress and clear of confusion.

And trust us when you step into your new home and see tons of moving boxes on the floor, you will be confused. If you don’t want that to happen, try labeling the moving boxes. You will know where the items from the kitchen area so you can easily transfer the moving box in the kitchen and start with unpacking. Play your favorite music. And then you will have a carefree unpacking.

Provide moving kits for long-distance moving

There are many issues to resolve in order to have an organized long-distance move. In fact, when you are moving there are no many differences between types of moving. Long-distance relocation is a type of moving in a longer distance. So it requires more preparation and maybe changing transportation. But, to finish the moving successfully you need good moving kits. Let’ think like you are moving to New Jersey. And that you don’t know what moving kits are suitable for getting there safely.

Don’t look for it by yourself. Because you can not find the best moving kit NJ without any experience and skills in moving. You won’t get better advice on what kind of moving kit do you need then from the best moving service NJ. Their experts can only by looking at your items define what you need. Then decide what kind of moving boxes do you need. That is as simple as that. Save your time and trust professionals!

-moving boxes
Your professional moving company will provide you good moving kits for a safe relocation.

What do you need for commercial long-distance moving

Well, one of the more complicated situations is when you are moving your office long distance. Then, anything can become a problem. But, if you have a true partner by your side, you won’t have to worry about it. Because that partner will make sure that you have an organized and planned long-distance relocation. If you are moving to New Jersey you must know that you will require professional assistance with moving your office. Only the right assistance of the most reliable commercial movers NJ can be taken into consideration. Because they are confidential and they won’t fail you. Their experts have been through all kinds of situations in moving and they know how to handle confidential paperwork and files.

All the way through the planning, they will follow you. You need to tell them your goal and they will make sure that your office will be relocated by the moving date. So, don’t think twice. If you are moving your office long distance, just be smart. And hire services of a good moving company. Your office deserves that kind of treatment. Therefore don’t be afraid and trust your office movers!

What about senior moving

You parents have decided to move long distance. Let’s take that they are going to New Jersey. How can you help them to move when you don’t even have the time for yourself? In this case, you need professional help. Long-distance moving is very hard and it requires patience. If you are the long-distance relocating your parents, trust them and their belongings in the professional hands of the best senior movers NJ. Don’t even think to do that on your own. You will be sorry.

-a woman's hands
Your parents don’t have anyone but you, help them with moving and hire professionals!

They are your parents and you need to help them, but they need you for other things. Visit them more often, talk to them. Try to make their relocation easier and much more relaxed. Maybe they are moving because they don’t need a big house anymore, but a smaller one. Or they want to go to a place for older people where they can spend time with their generations. So you need to be supportive of them. Let professionals think about the rest. You focus on their tranquility. They are so attached to their rooms and things, and they have taken the moving real hard. Therefore, be their shoulder and comfort them. They will appreciate it!

Arrange storage

When you are long-distance moving you need to think about the situation when you will need extra space. Let’s take that you are moving to New Jersey. What if your landlord tells you that he needs to rent your apartment earlier and that you need to go. He is sorry but it is only his job. What can you do and where to go with your belongings? Your brother won’t be happy about you bringing your items in his house. And will your items be safe there if he even says yes? Get real help from the best-conditioned storage NJ and be sure that your items will be safe and well protected. Their storage facilities are dry, climate-controlled and protected from the rain. Your belongings will be undamaged.

In the process of long-distance relocations, there can be all kinds of situations, like delays. The delays can happen because the weather is bad or the traffic jam is terrible. So, in these cases, you will need extra space. A safe place where you can guard your belongings until the delay passes. That is why you need storage controlled area. Arrange storage long term or short term. Your moving company will let you know what are your options. Just think about how your stuff can damage during transportation, standing in a cold place on the snow. Why have additional costs when you be relaxed and wait for the moving process to continue.

Arrange storage if you want your things to be safe during the long-distance move.

Contact utilities

You are moving long-distance and you need to think about what are you going to do with your utility bills. You need to let the utilities know that you have changed the address so they can send you the bills and put all the utilities in your name. Don’t even think about not doing that because you will have a big problem. Because your debt won’t disappear if you have left the town. It can only get bigger. So, take our advice and pay all the bills and let them know that you have changed the address. That is your responsibility. Be a responsible citizen and send the notification to your utilities that you change the address. And you won’t have a problem when you are long-distance moving.

When you arrive at your new address the bills will keep on coming normally. Don’t let them disconnect you or disable you to have TV or the internet. That is really important because when you arrive at the new home you will have the need to watch the TV perhaps. To sit back in the comfy chair and just enjoy.

Don’t forget to let the clients know your new address

In commercial moving, it is really essential to let your clients know where have you moved your office. It is not only important for your existing clients, but for your future potential clients. They need to know all about your relocation because you want to keep them. It is very important for maintaining your business. So listen to us and make a notification on the web site of your company, that you have changed the address and that they can send you mail there. But we advise you to keep the existing email. That will mean a great deal for them because they will know that nothing crucial has happened. You only have changed the address and remained in the business.

-long distance moving
Let your clients know that you are long-distance moving and that you have changed the address of your office.

Try to make it easier for yourself and for your clients. Therefore, do something about that and they will be grateful. You can call them all and in the nonofficial conversation explain to your clients that you need to move because of exploring the new markets. Raising your company to the next, higher level is your mission. And if your clients know that they will be proud and feel safe because they know that you are thinking about your existence on the market.


Long-distance moving is different from other ones. Because you just can not come back to your former home for something. So try not to forget your items. Take a good look again, one more time before packing. After all, it is a good fortune if you don’t forget about anything. But don’t try doing it on your own. Consult your moving company about anything in the process of moving and you won’t regret it. Beware of the scams on the market and listen to good recommendations. Your belongings are your possession, protect them for damage. With our guide, you will know to deal with long-distance moving like a pro and with such ease. Like you have done it hundreds of times before!

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