Living in Morristown NJ: pros and cons

You have finally decided on relocating and a much-needed change of scenery is just around the corner. But before you can uproot and hit the road, you must prepare for the relocation. One must organize, prepare the budget, pack, and find reliable movers Morristown NJ. Also, you must know all the pros and cons of living in Morristown NJ before you settle in. So, today we will cover this topic together and prepare you for the change. Let’s take a look.

For some of us, Morristown can be expensive

Before you schedule one of the moving companies Morris County NJ and move there, you must figure out if your home budget can support the cost of living in Morristown NJ. Yes, this place is a bit more expensive than other neighborhoods in New Jersey. The median household income is just a bit more than $80k which is exactly 50% higher than the national average. Although, with such great payment and great job opportunities, we have higher prices. More so because the unemployment rate is just 2% which is way below the national average. Such a steady economy will bring you stability but only if you have a steady job. And a good one at that.

person preparing budget for living in Morristown NJ
Morristown is expensive. Figure out if your budget is enough to cover all the costs of living.

If you have a great job, you should ignore higher prices because you’ll be earning much more than before. All in all, you must evaluate the situation and realize the limits of your budget. Prepare yourself for the upcoming months and set aside enough to cover movers, packing services NJ, and all moving-related responsibilities.

Living in Morristown NJ will bring many amenities

Some people can see the higher income and higher prices as a con. But we are sure that a positive side of Morristown is that there is a lot to do here. Firstly, jobs and schools are amazing. Check out the IT sector as well as the finances, education, and health industry. As for schools, there are quite a few that are ranked among the top 20 in the entire state. So, you shouldn’t worry about your future and the future of your children. Then, we have many famous restaurants, coffee places, malls, boutiques, parks, green areas, and playgrounds. Not to mention the abundant nightlife and the marvelous NJ and NYC that are fairly close. So, start exploring all the positive sides of Morristown and plan on how to settle in. Soon you’ll enjoy firsthand all the pros and amenities Morristown has to offer.

Job opportunities are everywhere

We have already informed you that the unemployment rate is sitting at 2%. This is just amazing, and it means you shouldn’t have any problem finding a new job in Morristown. The only con here is the fact that job scaling is harsh and if you do not have a college, you won’t be able to pull out the best of what Morristown can offer. Or should we say, you won’t be able to afford to live here? But if you have a bit higher education or a private business, you will simply thrive here. With this great news, you should start searching online and prepare yourself for a job swap. And of course, start looking for some of the best movers NJ, to be ready to move as soon as you land an awesome new job. Good luck!

a successful businessman
Hopefully, you are qualified for all the great jobs Morristown has to offer.

Get moving and start living in Morristown NJ

Despite being a small place, the city of Morristown is more than alive. We are sure you will never get bored once you start living in Morristown NJ. The diversity and friendliness of this small community will leave you speechless. Despite having around 19k residents, it is still a tightly knit community where everyone is your friend and neighbor. Moreover, this is a place for couples, singles, and families with children. Although, with a male-to-female ratio of just about 1:1, you won’t be single for long.

So, all you must do to have a prosperous life here is to find a good job, a nice and quiet neighborhood, and start living a dream. As we have said before, next to all the good things in Morristown, New Jersey is still right there. In case you are struggling to find a job or have fun, head to NJ. It is only 45 min away by bus.

That’s it. Now you are ready for living in Morristown NJ. You will love it here for sure. Just make sure that your relocation is smooth as it can be so you can ensure an enjoyable transition and adaptation period. Good luck and have fun in Morristown NJ.


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