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Are you getting ready for your interstate relocation? If so, our guide is here to make your relocation as pleasant as it can be! In order to help you prepare for it, we’ve written the most important tips about making an interstate moving checklist. Trust us, this checklist is something you want to have by your side during the move. A well-written moving checklist can make every move so much easier, especially interstate moves! Therefore, we’re sure that the following text will be of use to you. So, make yourself comfy and keep reading our guide to learn how to make your state-to-state move simple!

The importance of having a moving checklist by your side

It’s no secret that moving from one place to the other can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you’re moving an elderly parent or you’re moving your business, there’s a way of making this process easier. All you have to do is find the time to make a moving checklist! As soon as you make one, you’ll realize how precious this piece of paper is.

An interstate moving checklist and a pink marker
You can’t have a simple relocation if there isn’t a moving checklist by your side.

We’ll be honest with you – interstate moves are a little bit tricker from the other types of relocations. Even though moving a couple of blocks away still needs to be organized, organizing a long-distance move is a bit more challenging. But, fear not! Van Express Movers has got your back! We will help you organize the whole thing in record time by explaining to you how to make an interstate moving checklist. So, follow our guide and you’ll have no problems with your upcoming relocation!

Preparing for the interstate moving

The simplest way of having a safe and simple interstate move is to get moving services NJ from a reliable moving company. However, even if you decide to get these services, you’ll still have to take care of some of the things on your own. Transferring utilities, canceling subscriptions, notifying people you’ll be moving are only some of them. Therefore, you’ll need to prepare both your household and the people in your surroundings for your upcoming state-to-state move.

When is the best time for creating an interstate moving checklist?

Most people are wondering when the best time to start preparing for the move is. Unfortunately, there is no right answer. No one can tell you exactly when you should start to organize the whole thing. However, what we can tell you is that you will need to spend a couple of weeks for sure! Trust us, planning the move ahead of time is what can make it simple and successful. And, leaving all of your errands for the last day before the big move is a huge mistake! 

A calendar
There’s nothing worse than packing in a hurry when you had the whole month to take care of this!

So, when should you start making your interstate moving checklist? As soon as you come up with a moving date! Decide when you’ll relocate and start writing things down. You don’t have to complete it the same day, but you can add a couple of things and tasks to the list each day. There’s no need for rushing things. So, let’s learn how to create one awesome moving checklist!

The most important parts of every interstate moving checklist

Every relocation is unique and different in its own way. Some people need to relocate a tiny apartment, while others have to relocate a three-bedroom house. There is no way that these two relocations can be done with the help of the same interstate moving checklist. However, most of the list will be the same and we’ll inform you about these parts. Below, you’ll find out which are the most important parts of every moving checklist!

Finding help

You will need to decide whether you’ll hire reliable interstate movers NJ or try to relocate everything you own by yourself. Most people think that moving companies have to be pricey and that’s why they opt for moving on their own. However, these people are wrong. Firstly, moving companies have different prices, and we’re sure you’ll stumble upon the quality and affordable moving company. And secondly, trying to move by yourself can have some serious consequences. Remember, you’re not as experienced as professional movers. Thus, you could damage your items during the relocation and end up spending more money than you’ve intended to!


All of us have homes that are drowning in items we don’t use! Instead of getting rid of them, we keep placing these items in drawers and closets, just in case. However, the reality is that we won’t use them! These items are just taking up our precious storage space. Even though you can always rent storage NJ and place your belongings there, you should do this only with items you’re still using but don’t have a place for them in your home. As far as other items are concerned, you’ll need to get rid of them. This is why decluttering is something that all of us should do from time to time. And especially before the move.

MAn holding a brown wallet
Moving fewer items will make your relocation more wallet-friendly!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to throw away your belongings. Instead of doing this you can look for places where you can donate your goods in NJ or even try selling them! However, do this only for the items that aren’t damaged beyond repair! And don’t forget to dispose of other items properly. This is especially important when it comes to getting rid of hazardous materials!

Packing belongings

The next important part of every interstate moving checklist is, of course, the packing process. You will need to gather packing and wrapping materials ahead of time. After decluttering you’ll know exactly how many moving boxes you’re going to need! Also, remember that you’ll need some extra protection and cushioning materials for packing fragile items. These items need to handled with extra care!

So, these are the most important parts that every interstate moving checklist has to have. After taking care of them, you’ll have just enough time to prepare mentally for the big move. Stick to your moving schedule and you’ll have the simplest possible state-to-state relocation!

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