How to spend the first day in your new home after the move in Millburn, NJ

Moving home can be extremely hard. There are plenty of moving steps for you to wrestle with. You should organize the whole move, pack accordingly, and search for Millburn movers to take care of the hardest part. But once all the labor is done and you finally relocated, you must settle in. And trust us, the whole unpacking ordeal can be hard as the first part was. So, let us help you organize and survive the first day in your new home. We will cover the basics together.

It is the first day in your new home – Test the waters

Ok, you finally arrived and your best movers NJ are unloading the boxes and furniture. Obviously, before they leave you will inspect all your belongings and ensure everything is there and in one piece. The very next step is to inspect the environment. Figure out where to put all your belongings. Is it better to clutter each room with boxes and random furniture or to toss everything inside one room and pull stuff out of it gradually? The answer is with you.

You will need unpacking tools for the first day in your new home
Dedicate a spot inside your new home to hold all your boxes. Avoid cluttering the space.

Depending on your home layout, you will find the answer to these questions. Now, take your moving inventory list and locate all those boxes containing the essentials you’ll need the very first day.

Unpack the essentials first

Hopefully, you labeled your boxes right and you will have an easier time locating the boxes we mentioned. Take out your unpack-first bag and pull whatever you need at the moment. Also, you will need boxes containing toiletries, a change of clothes, a dining set, food for the day, sheets, pillows, and blankets. Also, you’ll need a basic toolkit to unpack easier and adjust something if necessary. Now dive into it and sort those boxes out.

A couple of toothbrushes on the table
If you are tired unpack only the essentials you’ll need the first night and the morning after.

Prepare the environment on the very first day in your new home

No one likes cleaning. But, if you haven’t covered this part beforehand, this is a moment to do it right. An be careful when cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen. Those two need meticulous treatment. Also, after the dust is settled, you should clean all those high movement areas that are probably in a nasty state after your movers left. So, take basic cleaning products, mop, and a broom, and you’ll be done in a few hours. Next to cleaning, you should set up a few more things around your home. Consider the following:

  • Check utilities – Ensure you have your lights up and running in each room. Inspect utilities, pipes, faucets, doors, windows, water heater, AC, Wi-Fi, etc. Ensure everything is safe to use.
  • Unwrap important furniture – Your favorite chair for example.
  • Install appliances – Coffee maker, toaster, or a TV. All those appliances we can’t start the morning without.

Get to know the neighborhood

You, your spouse, kids, and pets, are eager to go out and meet the new neighborhood. And if you have enough energy after the whole moving process, you should definitely do it. Go out and figure out where are the good places to have a nice family dinner. The first day in your new home won’t let you do much outside the house, but you can at least take an evening walk and scout the area. The very next day you should start exploring the neighborhood and find all the points of interest.

Ok, now you know how the first day in your new home should look like. Basically, you should unpack your essential bag and relax as much as possible. Give yourself a break because those boxes won’t go anywhere. Continue with unpacking in the morning once you refresh and have a good night’s sleep.

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