How to put books in a moving box

Books are something we all like to think of as a legacy. That is why packing them and preparing them for the move must be done properly and carefully. There are simple tips and tricks on how to put books in a moving box. And in this simple guide, you will learn precisely how to pack them properly without any fuss and mess. And most importantly, without any damage. After packing, all you have to do is hire professionals who will relocate your books. Those that will take good care of them as you do. And one of those professionals is New Jersey movers. With years of experience, this relocation will be a piece of cake for them.

How to put books in a moving box?

  1. Get the right packing supplies,
  2. Clean the books,
  3. Pack them in the right order.

These three simple steps will make your job a lot easier. And if for some reason you are not able to do it, the best help you can get is from moving services New Jersey has, the professionals who will pack and load your books in the truck.

a home library that will make you wonder how to put books in a moving box
Make sure that everything is clean before packing it.

What are the right packing supplies for your books?

The boxes and the containers you will get must be firm and waterproof. The main reason for this is to keep them safe. By getting such containers, even if something terrible were to happen, you would know that your books would not be damaged. The second important thing is to get the boxes that are the right size. Do not fold any books that do not have hardcovers, as you will surely damage them. And if you are unsure where to get boxes like this, reach out to a reliable moving company and book the best packing services in New Jersey to get the supplies you need.


It is important to clean the books. There are various reasons you will find for this, but there is one that stands out. And that is to keep the books safe during the relocation. Any dust or mold can destroy the pages. And, of course, it will ease your unpacking process after the premier local movers NJ has come to unload their truck, since you won’t have to clean the books again.

How to put books in a moving box — is there the right order?

  • Place them so that the edges are facing down. This way if you put some boxes on top of them, you will avoid damage.
  • Make sure the boxes are not overloaded. You might destroy the books, box, and your back by lifting heavy stuff.
  • Separate them. By color or separate by genre. It will make your unpacking process more manageable.
  • If there is a free space in your box after you loaded it with boxes, make sure you put some towels or a piece of clothes so that there is no gap anymore. 
One of the pieces of advice on how to put books in a moving box is to separate them by genre.

With these simple tips, you will know just how to put books in a moving box to help them survive the trip and have them relocated in no time! More importantly, there will be no additional obstacles. You can always set aside a book that you want to read and make sure you put it in the essentials bag. Heck, you can even read it while relaxing during the relocation!

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