How to pack your king size bed when moving from Morristown, NJ

Relocating robust furniture can be tricky. You must disassemble it, pack, and seek help from one of the moving companies NJ to transport it over. But the question here is – can you do it yourself? And more importantly, do you know how to cover each step without damaging your bed? Don’t worry, we will help you pack your king size bed and make it ready for moving.

Pack your king size bed with a professional help

Before you even begin, we will recommend considering hiring a professional moving company to take care of this part. The reliable movers Morristown NJ are just a phone call away. They will bring all the materials and an adequate moving vehicle for the job. More importantly, skilled and experienced manpower. Your bed will reach the destination unharmed. Think about this safe and affordable solution.

Enlist a moving company to help you pack your king size bed
Hire a professional moving team to help you relocate your king-sized bed.

How to pack your king size bed yourself?

But if you decided to pack your king size bed yourself, you should cover the following steps and requirements:

  • Tools – You will need a power drill, a screwdriver, a hammer, and pliers. Those are just the basics but maybe you’ll need a few more depending on the model you have
  • Packing supplies Obtain larger carton moving boxes, protective pads, and blister packs.
  • Cover – This one is the most important. You can use plastic wrap, a sheet, a tarp, or one of the specifically designed covers.

Your king size bed is one of the most complicated pieces to relocate. Ensure all pieces are disassembled, wrapped individually, and all screws and bolts secured. Protect it with a cover and move carefully. You will probably need an extra pair of hands to load it into the moving truck. And don’t be afraid to hire packing services if you see you’re over your head. Professionals can make every job easier!

Disassemble the bed frame

This stage can be confusing if you never used any tools before. You must unscrew all four sides one by one and protect each piece by wrapping it in bubble wrap. Then, gather all the smaller pieces, bolts, and screws, and keep them in a separate box or a bag. Label it right so you know how many pieces there are and how to put them back. Although, keep in mind that the bed frame can be moved in one piece if you have a specialized moving team with you. They know how to do it right without damaging your bed.

Use an appropriate cover you protect your bed

We briefly mentioned this one before. You should use the proper cover to protect your mattress and other pieces from the outside world. Therefore, purchase enough blister packs to wrap each piece individually. And finally, cover the whole batch with a sheet or a tarp. It will protect your bed from environmental influence, bumps, bruising, dirty hands, dust, etc. But if you are using packing services from one of the moving companies Morris County NJ, you won’t have to think about it. They have all the protection needed to cover and relocate your bed safely.

A woman standing next to a wrapped sofa
Wrap each piece with blister packs and keep it safe against bumps and bruising.

Get your bed moving!

Before you pack your king size bed for moving, you should thoroughly clean each piece. You want your bed to be nice and shiny in your new apartment, right? Yes, you must clean it after you assemble everything back together as well. But you should clean it before the move regardless. Simply because you do not want to bring old smudges and dirt with you. And if any damages occur along the way, you will spot them right away. Also, if you fear something bad can happen along the way, you should obtain moving insurance and set your mind at ease. In case of moving mishaps, you will be compensated.

Ok, now you know how to pack your king size bed and get it ready for moving. Just be patient when disassembling your precious bed and nothing can go wrong. Follow our guide to success and have a safe and enjoyable relocation. Good luck.

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