How to pack for your NJ move in a week

It is time to move again. And as usual, we all fear the packing process the most. It is a boring, complicated, time-consuming, and costly endeavor. Hence, you can either pack yourself or enlist your movers and purchase packing services NJ. The second option sounds appealing but it is not accessible to everyone simply because it has a certain cost tied to it. So, if you decide on packing yourself, you’ll need a guide and a bit of patience. Luckily, we assembled a guide on how to pack for your NJ move in a week. Let us do this one together.

No need to rush, you will manage to pack for your NJ move in a week easily

Do not rush or panic. You will manage to pack for your NJ move in a week as long as you create a comprehensive personalized guide on how to do it right. So, create a packing checklist along with the moving checklist and an inventory list. Yes, it might sound a lot but if you list everything on paper, you will never forget a thing and always stay on track. So, your moving checklist should cover the home inspection, moving budget, decluttering and downsizing, search for NJ movers, and of course, packing. Also, you can add the following as well:

  • All info about movers
  • Moving insurance
  • Personal documents
  • Errands, chores, and responsibilities you must cover
You will need a proper plan if you want to pack for your NJ move in a week
Create a detailed moving plan so you can keep up with all your moving tasks adequately.

Once you create such a document you will have a valuable guide that will keep you on track until the end. Besides, you will provide most of it to your movers and they will have a much easier time organizing a much safer, and cheaper moving plan.

How hard can it be?

If you want to pack for your NJ move in a week successfully, you must focus on your belongings. We already mentioned you should inspect your home. And while doing it, you must note down all the furniture and belongings so you can know how many packing materials are needed to pack everything. Once you do it, you should visit your local hardware store, home depot, or order everything online. Or you can purchase everything from your local movers NJ because they have all the moving materials on the market. And they will surely provide the best prices out there to bundle up with the services you already purchased. All in all, inspect your home and your belongings because you must know how many items you possess if you want to pack swiftly and efficiently.

Figure out the moving cost

After you inspect everything thoroughly, you will finally be able to calculate your moving budget. This is important for some people because not all of us have a stretching budget. Some people have a certain amount and they must calculate the budget to the dime. There are hidden fees and costs, road fees, additional services, etc. Not to mention scammers and fraudulent moving companies. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with that one. So, bring your findings to your moving representative and form the most affordable moving plan together. Read your moving contract several times before signing and ensure your budget will cover it. This way you will shield yourself from unpleasant surprises.

money and a clock
You must calculate your moving budget and ensure you can cover all moving costs and requirements.

Find movers and pack for your NJ move in a week

You can, and you must do both at the same time. While packing, you should search for your moving companies Morristown NJ. It is not so hard as long as you have enough patience to do it. Therefore, sit down and browse online for an hour. Find a few moving companies and compare prices and services. Also, read reviews and feedbacks until you figure out if they are legit. Maybe the best source is the moving-related social media groups. Once you inspect your movers, you can give them a call to check if they have everything you need to cover this task professionally.

Now, after you find your company, you must confirm its legitimacy. Firstly, check their website and ensure they have a company logo, contact info, and a physical address you can visit. Then, give them a call and ensure they are licensed and permitted for work. Also, they must have all the tools and equipment to perform this task safely and successfully. If all answers are positive, then you can communicate with your movers further and talk about the moving services and payment method as well as a moving date. And remember, movers, offer many moving services that can change your life. This is especially important if you are transporting valuable items, then you must appoint a dedicated team. Or if you are moving a business, you will enlist commercial movers NJ. Talk to your movers about it and find the best solution for you.

Downsize if possible

Yes, we know you are time-limited but if you can find a bit of time to downsize and declutter that would be amazing. Simply while inspecting your belongings, you should set aside all those items you are not using anymore. Whether you have broken, old, outworn, or simply outdated items. You can donate, throw them away, sell them online, or give them away to neighbors and friends. If you do it right, your relocation will be cheaper and you will even speed up the packing process because there will be less stuff to pack. Therefore, declutter if possible and start anew in your new home.

Two people shuffling through items
Declutter as much as you can and you will have fewer items to pack.

Finally, pack safely no matter how much time you have

Lastly, we must tell you what to purchase. You will need at least thirty carton moving boxes. Maybe a bit more depending on the size of your move. But better to have a few more than to run out of it in the middle of the move. Then, you’ll need packing tape, labels, and bubble wrap. Obviously, you will use bubble wrap as a cushion for all your boxes and wrap items individually. Packing tape to close your boxes tight. And labels to write down the content of the box so everyone can know about it. Besides, labeling is amazing for the unpacking process as well.

Now you know how to pack for your NJ move in a week. With a proper plan and without any panic, you will do it in a few days. And of course, a huge part of the deal will fall onto your moving company. No matter how you pack, you must have a professional moving crew to relocate your stuff safely. Hopefully, you will find one. Good luck.


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