How to organize a summer move to Essex County?

Summer is the most popular time for moving. Nice weather and warm temperatures are the main reasons why so many people choose to move during summer. However, you should also know that summer is the peak season for NJ movers which means they will be extra busy. For this reason, when you are planning a summer move, you should start well in advance. Also, summer might not be the best for relocation. As you have already decided to move this time of the year, here are a few tips for how to organize a summer move.

How to organize a summer move?

There are many reasons why you should choose summer for your relocation. The first and the most obvious one is nice weather. No one wants to move when it’s freezing outside and snowing. It’s much nicer to pack when temperatures are not below zero. Another good reason for moving during summer is school break. Most family with kids chooses to move during summer with local movers NJ so that kids don’t miss out a school. However, no matter what your reason is, you should plan a summer move with the following tips:

  • Plan in advance
  • Stay hydrated
  • Schedule movers
  • Prepare your belongings

When should you start planning your summer move?

You can’t start planning your summer move in summer. You won’t be able to find any free professional movers nor will you have enough time. For this reason, you should start preparing for your summer move at least a month or two in advance. Your first step should be to book Pompton Lakes NJ movers. Moving companies are very busy during summer and you can’t expect to find a free moving date one week before your move. Also, you should be flexible. If you can’t find an exact moving date that you want, then get the one that is the closest.

man is wondering How to organize a summer move
One of the tips for how to organize a summer move is to start preparing your move in advance

How to prepare your belongings?

Booking moving company Montclair NJ is not the only thing you need to do. Your task is also to prepare your belongings for relocation. Sure, professional movers will pack your items, but they won’t declutter them or make an inventory. Declutter is an essential step in every moving preparation no matter the season. Moving during summer is more expensive than during winter and you can save some money if you declutter your items and sell them.

You must stay hydrated

While hot temperatures are nice when you are lying on the beach, it’s not so much when you are carrying heavy moving boxes. You will sweat a lot and lose water and electrolytes. For this reason, it’s very important to stay hydrated during summer. Also, you must wear a hat and clothes made of cotton.

young man is drinking water
Drink a lot of water and have snacks

Choose weekends for your relocation

You should know that summer is usually crowded for many reasons like too many tourists on the street. One of the tips for how to organize a summer move is to move on weekdays instead of the weekend. It’s a little less crowded on weekdays.


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