How to make moving with kids to Somerset County, NJ easy

Somerset County is one of America’s oldest counties, located at the hub of Central New Jersey. It has many beautiful parks, excellent shopping areas, and outstanding business and industry, which makes it a great place to live, work, and raise a family in. Therefore, choosing this wonderful county for your new home was the right decision to make! Even though relocation is never an easy task, professional movers NJ are here to ensure you have a pleasant experience when moving with kids to Somerset County, NJ.

The right approach when moving with kids to Somerset County

The most important way to prepare your kids for relocation is to discuss it. Listen to their questions and dilemmas and try to give complete answers. Pointing out all the good aspects of the change would be a great idea. If you’re moving across town, you can take your kids to explore the new neighborhood and visit the new house. For distant relocations, provide as much information as possible about the new home, city, and state. By accessing the internet, you can also learn many things about the new community.

A woman that will be moving with kids to Somerset County.
Discussing the upcoming move with your child is crucial.

Moving With preschoolers or toddlers

If your children are very young, you should try and keep all explanations simple. Introducing them to the whole moving process by telling a story and using toys is a great idea. You could try to avoid getting rid of their bedroom furniture since it can provide a sense of comfort in the new home. Another thing that will keep them from getting anxious is letting them know that you aren’t throwing away their toys when you are placing them in boxes. We also encourage you to avoid making other big changes during the relocations, such as toilet training, or advancing them to a bed from a crib.

How to prepare school-age kids for moving

Kids in elementary school may be relatively open for relocation, but they will still need help throughout the transition process. Some experts say that summer is the best time for a move because it will not disrupt the school year. Others say that midyear is a better option because a child can meet make new friends right away.

To avoid any situations that would add stress, gather any information the new school requires to process the transfer. That could include transcript, medical records, birth certificate, or the most recent report card.

A boy in a red t-shirt showing a comic in a classroom to friends.
Making new friends is easier during the school midyear.

Moving with teens

Usually, those who tend to rebel against a move are teens. Your teen has probably made a lot of friends and might be involved in a romantic relationship. Also, maybe they are a part of some sports group which they don’t want to leave. A move could mean that they might not attend a certain event. Therefore, it’s especially important to let teens know that you want to hear their concerns and that you are willing to find the best solution. One of the things you could consider after the move would be planning a visit back to the old neighborhood. This way, your teen will be able to meet their friends or attend events like homecoming or prom.

Things to do to relocate stress-free

One of the first things to do when you’re planning to relocate with kids to Somerset County is making a moving inventory list.  First, you will save yourself a lot of time when packing and organizing your possessions. Second, you will significantly reduce the cost of relocation. The price of the move isn’t just calculated based on the distance and time it takes, but also on the actual weight of your belongings. Therefore, the more items you are moving, the more expensive your move will be. Having this in mind, you should carefully go through your possessions and decide on what you want to keep and what you no longer need.

A lap top, coffee mug, phone, to-do list.
An inventory list will help you stay organized and focused on your tasks.

There are many ways for you to downsize your belongings. You can:

  • Donate to a charity or your local shelter
  • Organize a yard sale
  • Sell online
  • Recycle

The entire family should participate in packing

After you decided which items you want to take to your new home in Somerset County, it is time to pack. You should never take this big task on yourself alone. By asking your kids to pack their toys or their belongings, you will be able to concentrate on packing delicate and fragile items without any distractions. When it comes to packing, it would be best if you have all the necessary packing materials of good quality. We advise you to label your moving boxes properly since this will make your unpacking much faster and easier.

Don’t forget to pack the essential box

Make sure every family member has an essential box. For kids and teens, this should include their favorite belongings, whether its toys, games, books, music, journals, or pictures. You should advise them to put everything together so that they can unpack all the things that are important for them first. This could help each family member feel at home their first night after the move. During the relocation, you want to make sure that everyone takes this box with them. In case it is not possible, you can always ask your Somerset County movers to bring them for you and put them aside. By doing this, your essentials will not get mixed up with all the other boxes during the move.

Remember to pack all your documents when moving with kids to Somerset County

The most important box you should pack is the one containing all the important moving documents and forms. We encourage you to take this box with you during the move and to make copies of all the important documents. As you can see, when planned and organized properly, moving doesn’t have to be stressful. We hope you found this post useful and that now you have a more precise idea on how to make moving with kids to Somerset County, NJ easy. We wish you and your family all the best in your new home!

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